The Next Wave of Supercars( Rumors and News)

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  1. F40 much?

    and I heard that Porsche is producing kitchens now too!!!
  2. I doubt the next Super Ferrari will be a turbo V8. They are using the FXX program as a direct test bed for the next supercar. It's got an NA V12, I'd bet even money that's what the next Ferrari supercar has as well.
  3. I'm sorry, but 900ish HP is supreme overkill...and very unreliable.
  4. all i can say is 917/30.

    and that was 35 years ago.
  5. I also believe the Enzo's successor will have more than 700 HP. Morely like 750-800.

  6. I have an idea, why don't you SHUT UP?
  7. I have an idea, why don't you SHUT UP?
  8. I have an idea, why don't YOU SHUT UP?
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  12. I just want a Scuderia
  13. =] It makes me quite happy to see that ford is gonna rock the V10 after all this time.
  14. ?

    The one that they were testing in some Mustang?
  15. There will be 2 new supercars to carry AMG engines, the Mercedes-AMG SLC, and the McLaren P11. The SLC will be a front mid-engined supercar that will feature a new 7 speed f1 style transmission, with power coming from a 710 BHP twin-turbo 6.2 liter AMG V-8. This cars body will feature plenty of carbon fiber and aluminum! Codenamed Project W197 this will be the true successor to the SLR McLaren. This model will, feature a new aluminum spaceframe chassis that it will share with the 2013 Mercedes SL-Class. This cars basic idea is to bring more perfomence to Mercedes-Benz at a lower cost compared to the SLR. If this model goes over well with the public, the HWA/AMG will build the successor to the C111 and CLK-GTR. This project would see a completely new carbon fiber monocoque chassis developed to carry a new direct injection, high revving twin-turbo AMG built V-8 good for roughly 800 BHP. This car would be made of carbon fiber, and would feature a truly unique cockpit, that wold feature solid back racing seats, a unique Amber glow insturment panel, F1 style paddle shifters behind the steering wheel.

    Not be out done, McLaren is now working on Project P11, this model could spawn several models from it's unique carbon fiber monocoque chassis. The P11 will feature a true mid-engine layout and could carry the twin-turbo 6.2 liter V-8, but in a different state of tune producing as much as 700 BHP. If the rumors are true then McLaren could plan to build there own successor to the SLR, that would feature a AMG twin-turbo V-8 placed ina front mid-engine layout also, this car would feature share most of it's components with the P11 including the cockpit, transmission, engine, and also suspinsion, brakes, and all the electronics to cut development cost all across the board.
  16. Don't forget the dark matter...
  17. @ AMG SLC

    there are some wrong facts:

    1. the SLC will be the unofficial SL black series, the mule we all know since 1 month or so. the car is powered by a V12 with around 700HP, transmission is the 5speed (tuned) automatic. car is coming early 08.

    2. the second mule with the viperlook is a HWA mule which will be the 300SL/SLR successor. mclaren and amg will no longer work together on a new car, they will only give mclaren the engine for their new model.

    3. the new mclaren will not be a successor to the mclaren f1, it will be a model in the range of the scuderia - like i said bevor! lets not forget: mclaren has to earn some money, and all hypercars like the SLR are more prestige things. they are planing a higher volume and compete with the scuderia and f430 successor which will be higher positioned.
  18. What's the news on the Ruf CTR 3?
  19. please Porsche, please
  20. the next supercar wave should look into loosing weight instead of gaining ungodly amounts of hp
  21. Some of these rumors are real swings into left field.....
  22. These threads are so useless, just filled with rumors that are probably mostly false, fanboys getting excited, and noobs setting themselves up for flame wars. Ugh
    900+ hp Porsche? GTFO

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