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  1. Sweet
  2. Well, it took me forever, but I finally managed to get back on to For the last month or so, I've been trying to get into my account, but nothing would seem to work, so I finely cracked and made a new account. Anyway, this is "theimportguy", now "kR33is".

    Any who, I don't have any progress pictures, but the broken KA is about to be pulled from the 240. Though in the process, I discovered how much useless emissions junk there is everywhere. Obviously it's not "useless", but it's something I don't give a #$%# about, so it pissed me Hopefully my brother and I can get the SR in within a couple weeks, but we have to order some piping and new hoses and such. And lucky for me, I know shit all about electrical, so he gets the honour of figuring that shit out. And the reason I hope it's in asap is because my dads sexy ass '56 Nomad will be occupying the garage and won't be able to work on the engine if it's not in yet.

    But yeah, finally something out of me for once!

    And one last thing... I miss my Skyrine<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  3. No more R33?
  4. Winter usually makes people miss cars
  5. lol, mine has to fight salt every day <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>

    anyways, sooo my headlights are stuck down. both of them this time. Usually the left one is gimped, and all I have to do is give it a pull and it will come up. This time, both are immune to being pulled up (the lights do come on though, they just don't come up). I figured maybe it was due to ice build up since I washed the car yesterday and forgot to put the lights back up even though it was +14, but it did hit negative over night. So when I got home today I put heaters on and got a blow dryer but nothing seemed to work. The dials on the tops of the motors don't move at all. I checked the fuses under the hood and didn't notice anything but I found one fried fuse by the pedals. It's a light red orange and a number 10, however I don't have a manual, and I don't know if this is the right fuse. Regardless, I will have it replaced asap. Anyone have ideas on what it could be if not the fuses? The left motor was already gimpy but the right always worked fine, and now neither seem to even move at all.

    Shortly after my fuse inspections, I noticed wires hanging from inside my hatch as I walked by. It looks like the one on the right was connected to one of the defogger line things, I guess I'll have to saughter (sp) that. On the left there is a wire disconnected at a different spot. Also for the defog? I don't know how long this has been like this but the defoggers worked fine this morning...

    To many slams over the last 16 years? lol

    Edit: 17 years
  6. Had this car for over 5 years now, and finally done something else to the exterior, other than just the wheels I bought 4 years ago for $200.

    pic a = before
    pic b = after

    Okay, technically its not a 'Nissan' project, but Nissan mechanicals, so whatevs.

    On another note, I'm thinking of having the RB25 run on a power fc, because it just has the stock ecu right now, and I wanna upgrade the injectors and fuel system.
  7. Are that just a new grille with lids over the lights? I know nothing about these..

    Edit: lol @ 'are that'
  8. Yeah...because it was nice today and my plates expired, I had to move it off the street. So got a very brief drive in the Skyline today. I moved it into the drive and that was it<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A> It sucks that it's sitting outside all winter, but the engine swap needs to be done in the 240.
  9. basically.

    new grill and pop-up eye lids. Its the front end from the luxury spec version of my car. Takes a lot of the ugly away imo.

    Although, the whole car needs a respray, new bumpers, and some panels re-aligned.
  10. Just the lids are from the pop up variant? Or did you actually do a pop up light swap? If they pop, post pics!
  11. changed the fuse today, nothing has changed.
  12. only the lids pop, but thats how they are on the actual variant with this front piece.
    I dont have mine wired up yet, but this is what they look like when popped up.
  13. Very cool, so when you have them wired I guess they will auto pop when you flick the lights on? Can the lights turn on without them being popped up? If they can't, that will be a problem if the lids fail...
  14. well, I drive around at night with them down now, and the lights on, and its pretty much the same amount of light as before I had the lids. I guess the thin amount of light showing is almost enough anyway.

    I can wire it so I can flick a seperate switch to pop them up, but I think I will wire it so they automatically come up when I flick the low and high beams on.
    But yeah, the lights should still turn on if the lids fail to pop up.

    Anyway, I'll post more when I've wired it up
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    Hey guys I ran into a guy on the artwork forum. He has a red S13 hatch which he is planning to repaint, cage it, sr20 or a v8. He is looking for a drawing of his car done in the style of this suv. He wants to see what it might look like drawn first I guess. Anyone have any pics like that? Maybe even in an owners manual if you have one?

    Link to his build:

    Style of drawing he needs:
  16. I lowered the car a little bit, its a little higher on the left front, I'll have to fix that soon.
  17. Front does look awkward. I hope to have an update for this thread soon.
  18. the back might actually come up just slightly.
  19. ever gunna paint the front to match the back? :p
  20. nice car but if i were you i would paint therims a different colour
  21. When I get a different bumper, I have the turbo model bumper which has a hole on the right side for the intercooler. I'm looking for a non turbo bumper without the hole.
  22. I wanted gold, but they didnt have any in stock. The only other colors they come in is silver, black and gray, which I didnt want.
  23. yo import guy, did you just make an add on

    edit: nevermind. Some guy is selling lots of S15 conversion parts, his brother was going to use them but just bought an R33 instead. But it was for an S14. lol
  24. Yep...that would be my stuff. Except for conversion fenders. My brother brought in some parts for someone and some of the stuff that came was damaged, so the company sent new parts and let my brother keep the original parts to sell. So he through in the fenders with my sale.

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