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  1. righty oh
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    I went drifting last weekend in tucson. Here's the only video someone took of me. Its a crappy run, but whatever.

  3. Also, I used up my tires on my sportmax wheels, so I'm riding around on some spares, which are sunken battleships.

    I also found out I killed my slave cyl for the clutch. It felt weird when I got home, but I didnt think anything of it. Came out sunday to get dinner, clutch falls to the floor and I notice a puddle under the car. Although I got it fixed last night, I got the nismo seal replacement.
  4. hay is that a 180 or 240 sx
  5. haha, pretty much the same thing that happened initially to mine before it stopped going into gear. And what's a 'sunken battleship'? I have heard this term before when referring to wheels...

    btw, cool vid. I dunno if I'll ever really try drifting, cost of tires, and the fact that there is no race course anymore in the city (nor any sanctioned events). This is why winter driving can be fun, all the sliding you want for minimal price. Provided you don't hit anything.

    edit: definately more into traditional forms of racing though
  6. man ur car took a whiz lol
  7. Yeah, he is referring to his spare wheels being sunken battle ships, as opposed to mad flushness.

    And yeah, drifting can be expensive...which is why I haven't been able to hit the track yet. I don't have enough money to risk braking my car, as it is also my daily driver. Prob wont make it on to the track this season either, but 2010 I plan on getting my shit together.
  8. Ouch. My car was parked outside my house today and two vehicles came by, apparently the van was speeding in real quick and he guy instinctively dodged. Insurance peeps are coming in to look mon or tues I think. The mirror before these pics was flipped completely the other way, towards the hood. The driver door won't open, and that was the only key slot that worked on the car so lol.
  9. I hope this means I can get an entire new mirror, for it's new rubber seals.
  10. That sucks, but it could have been a lot worse. Thats easily fixable.

    Also, here's a picture of me from last weekend.
  11. sucks, but that is definitely lol about the locks
  12. It must be a common problem, my door locks are kinda messed up. The rear hatch opens fine, the drivers door might take 2 turns, but the passenger lock takes like 10 seconds just to unlock it sometimes.
  13. hahah I dunno what I would have done if my bag was still in the car. I have all my glass project stuff I'm working on due monday in that bag. If that was still stuck in the car...oh man. What would I tell the instructor? I left it in the car and I can't get in because the door is smashed and the other locks don't work? LOL
  14. question: I know you're running an SR20DE, but are you still using the stock tranny from the KA? Or did your SR come with its own? This thought just occurred to me when your slave went like mine. Do SR tranny's and KA tranny's use the same part?
  15. I used the sr transmission that came with it, but they're pretty much the same thing, just different bellhousing. Also, mine has a shorter 5th gear which kind of sucks on the highway.
  16. I just thought of something terrible. The car is in gear, and needs to be in neutral if they are to tow it if not on a flatbed. But I can't get in the car. I tried the passesger door and hatch today and bent the key <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>

    Also, how will the autobody shop get the door fixed if they can't work on it since it's closed shut?

    EDIT: I guess the tow hooks at the back, and it will be towed that way. So then it doesn't matter if it's in gear with he e-brake on, right?
  17. I'm awaiting my summer job. That will decide how often I drift my #%[email protected]
  18. Use a metal coathanger or similar material and unlock the passenger door. I've had to do this several times on my car when I locked my keys in it, lol.
  19. Might consider it if I have time today. I have sucessfully broken into a friend's civic before. It's funny how people passing by will help you out and they just assume it's your car lol
  20. Bought a 38mm Tial wastegate for my s15, now just gotta get a manifold
  21. pix
  22. Broke into the car today via coat hanger on the passenger door. Everything works fine, speaker is fine, window goes down, but the door won't open from the inside either. So I need to crawl over the passenger side to get in/out. And crawling over bucket seats sucks.
  23. So I drove my car today. I miss this mother, wanna sell it though. Hoping to get it gone for $8000-$10 000, hopefully!
  24. Selling and getting what in exchange?

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