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  1. vtc is so nice in the low end though, well, its more noticeable on my car because it doesnt have a turbo.
  2. Also my car is pissing me off right now. I keep blowing the ignition fuse and I havent figured out why yet. Its obviously a short somewhere, but its going to take forever finding it.
  3. like this, I
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    But yea, there was a S13 blacktop??? I thought it was only: S13 red, S14 black, S15 black

    edit: Just answered my own question. but what's the diff between this and a redtop S13?
  5. The black top is newer, which usually means less miles. Other than that nothing.
  6. update on car: I taped up a few bare wires that I found. I also noticed that the battery tie down came loose, maybe it hit something, I dont know. I drove the car around for about 5 minutes and its working just fine now. Dont know if I want to try to take it to school tomorrow.
  7. At least you have a battery tie down LOL
  8. I didnt when I bought the car, but got one from my friend when he moved his to the trunk.
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    Yes as youve already discovered there are indeed blacktop from s13s. They are essentially the same as the red tops from that era. The difference between s13 blacktops and 14/15s is that the s14/15s have the veriable valve timing. The same goes for 180sx's, even the late model blacktops from the type x's do not have the valve timing.
  10. My s15 comes with the 6 speed box. I love it. It is precise and the added gear on the motorway comes in handy. The flaw is that it is weaker than the 5 speed from the 14 k's, however this is not going to be an issue unless i put a whole lot more power into it.
  11. I'd imagine it would be alot of fun, I just wonder if it's worth the extra $1500ish for it they charge here (+50hp though)
  12. no
  13. Sweet Nissan bump here! Buddy came by with his new(er) ride. Looks good in the driveway I think <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  14. sweet, not sure about the badge though... lol

    That's a GTR spoiler on there yes?
  15. Yup badge came with the car from import and is really unattractive. It is a GTR Spoiler. Looks pretty good, my car may be fixin soon...doubt it.
  16. Is the badge there as a joke? Or was it something the importer slaps on every one of their cars?
  17. No that importer sticks Right Hand Drive on every car the bring in. It prevents hassle from cops I guess. I never had any issue's yet so I'm good.
  18. so my cat broke the other day. It was probably the dreaded speedbumps that did it in.
  19. harsh lol

    Everything smell nasty now or what
  20. I havent been driving it because its extremely loud.
  21. that's the best time to drive around man

    i remember driving to the muffler shop with nothing but my exhaust manifold, downpipe and cat on one of my rx-7's. holy shit that was loud.
  22. Help me pick wheels. I've been searching for a while now since winter is almost over and I don't want to have to stretch my summers back on or pay someone else to do it every season. the best option is just to get separate summer rims/tires. Keep in mind if I have this car for alot longer there is a good chance of an S15 front end, so I am going for something aggressive. Must come in a 4x114.3, not willing to pay extra for a 5 bolt conversion. Must also be reasonably priced, ie: not BBS style @ $800+/wheel. More like 250-300 each <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

    Work VSXX, maybe a little to old school looking for me considering I want an S15 front end. Otherwise it matches the hatch body very well imo, but they are baller.

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