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  1. the caliper, rotor and pads are different. Its the same as the usdm altima, but I'm not sure what years.
  2. I have factory 4 pots on the front and 2 pots in the back, just perhaps might buy some better pads. Anyways i thought id update the progress of my s15, just bought some rear camber and toe arms, the brand is R-LOGIC. Next id like to get castor arms and strut braces
  3. ^ more pics of your car are required.
  4. had to post this
  5. Yea ill end up posting pics up sometime, still looks the same as in the other pics. I bought a 60mm from an n/a s15 throttle body, and front and rear cusco strut braces today.
  7. Alright so possibly Thursday I will be looking at a S14 sr20det. The shop is going to test it tomorrow and will test it again in front of me on Thursday. Anything I should know about? It's a reputable shop, and I had ordered a redtop but they won't come in till late august. They then considered shipping one from their edmonton location but it will cost alot to ship it down by itself, so the owner of the store said he had an S14 SR in the back that's been sitting around for a while and he will give it to me for the redtop price since it's been there for a while taking up space.
  8. mmm mmm so good
  9. Well, compression was 150 across all 4, dry. Just needs new water pump (being ordered) and the clutch is at about 50% but labour when the motor isn't installed is free, so I'm having an ACT stage 1 ordered. Got a Megan racing rad too, and will eventually need an SR fan. And for now I am doing it ghetto with stock exhaust LOL im broke <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  10. got my rear valences
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    I'm wondering if I should get something like that to cover up the rust hahah

    Also, I love the way this exhaust sounds (hks hi power silent)

    might consider one of these in the future...mind you the video is a CA18 and not an sr20 but I can't imagine the sound being to different. Grumble at idle, and just a little added noise at high revs. Like a sporty oem exhuast
  12. motor mounts have been aquired.
  13. ugh @ picture posting
  14. When I saw that pic I originally thought that it was someone's yearly order of transmissions for the GTR.
  15. hahaha
  16. teehee
  17. you need spacers and coilovers.
  18. won't let me upload more than 2 a post? ugh

    And yea...I am trying to sell off my lowering springs. I need the cash bad, it's going into the shop on Monday to have the SR20 transplant. Might consider coils in the future. Maybe spacers too.
  19. Nice car man
  20. thanks dude. SR20 goes in next week, can't explain the excitement!

    Edit: Not looking forward to the bill
  21. I need advice. In order to fit a FMIC to the SR20DET, I need to do a battery relocation or get custom piping made. I haven't decided what to do here yet, but my other concern is cooling. I want to replace the stock KA fan, but what would be best? A fan that pushes air through the front of the radiator, or one that sits behind it (factory location)? If I installed a FMIC would I have issues fitting a slim fan up front? What's the advantage of front or rear fan placement?

    Also, do S13 red/blacks need battery relocation as well to fit FMIC's?
  22. For cooling, stick with the stock clutch fan. Seriously, it works really well.

    Also, for a fmic, you will probably need to relocate your battery, or get a slim one.
  23. Just to clarify, when I say stock fan I mean the stock KA fan, not the SR fan. According to the shop it sucks, then again I'm sure they race the crap out of their cars everyday (one guy has a 600hp S14). So stick with the stock KA fan? I know yours is a non turbo but you don;t think the turbo will add enough heat to justify replacement (I guess that's more of the intercoolers job)? There's a brand new megan racing 3 row rad going in as well.

    And yea for a fmic, is it typical for all SR's to need a battery relocation, or is that just an S14 thing? I'm not sure if I will do an fmic depending on the amount of under hood heat, considering it's just going to block air going to the rad.

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