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  1. Safe travels back man!
  2. I'm back, and holy shit its hot here. Forgot how much I hate az. I hope my car starts, lol.
  3. Put gas in it today for the first time since april. Also took a few pictures.
  4. Is it rare for it to rain there?
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    As hard as it is in the picture yeah. The street is flooded from one side to the other.

  6. On top of the crazy electrical problems, my car is having trouble starting now. If I start it for the first time of the day, you have to hold the key for like 5 seconds before it goes. You see the tach bouncing and the engine trying to start, and then it does. Shut the engine off immediately after, try it again, and it starts in half the time. Drive around, park it for an hour, turn it on, and it's normal. Try it the next day, and the process repeats itself.

    What's going on?
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    Does it just crank, with no sign of starting? It could be a fuel issue, but I'm not really sure.

    I had one problem with my car when I bought it. The fuse spot for the fuel pump was melted, so half the time I would have to open the hood, wiggle the fuse, and then it would start. Otherwise it would just crank.

    If yours starts everytime though its most likely something completely different.

    You could always search around at

    I can usually find what I need there by searching through the technical section.
  8. Yea like everything seems to be attempting to do something, and then eventually it works. But it's getting worse everyday. Car is in the shop for the electrical crap, hopefully they'll know what I mean when they try and start it tomorrow morning. Every time I've brought it to them , its been fine because like I said before, it starts fine if you've started it recently.

    I just hope I can sell it soon. If they can't figure out the wiring issue, then I'm going to have to sell it for dirt cheap.

    Edit: and I checked the fuel pump fuse as it's fine, though for all I know there could be a problem with the spot where you stick it in, as you've mentioned. I also made sure the fuel pump connection was clean.
  9. Well, electrical is 99% fixed. Everything works great, except the dash lights don't come on. The boost gauge comes on though.

    And then, only an hour after coming back home to Calgary, this happens. Hit and run, THIRD time this has happened to this car, parked in front of my house. Last time this happened, one of you guys told me to park elsewhere. I really can't, so this this blows. Someone was supposed to come look at the car tomorrow too. We'll see if he is still interested.

    Damage is all on the one side, and the door won't open.
  10. #$%#ing hell. people are shit.
  11. Pretty much lost my faith in people last night.
  12. it took you that long?
  13. How bad is it behind the door? A door is easy to replace, but if the rest is #$%#ed, then that would be pretty shitty.

    Also, yes, people suck. This happened to my friend in a parking lot a while ago. Luckily security caught them before they could get out of the parking lot.
  14. ^ now I don't feel quite as bad. Did they catch them or just get the license plate?

    I have no idea what it looks like behind the door. The only way to get the door skin off is to have the door open...and it won't open. This just knocked about a thousand dollars off of whatever I can get for the car. If I could, I would just part it out and make way more for it now, but I don't have the time for space for that.
  15. on a positive note, the window rolls down (manual) fine but make a clunk noise... and there the even when the car was hit, it didn't screw up any of the electrical repairs.
  16. Yeah, security stopped them right before they left the property, so he lucked out.

    If you take the inside door panel off, you should be able to pop out the dent somewhat, which will make rolling the window down easier. Also, by behind the door, I ment the rear quarter panel. If its not that dented, it might be able to be poped out, and then with a new door, it should look a lot better.
  17. Unfortunately, the bolt where the rear seat pivots on to fold is stuck on that damaged side. It was stuck there even before this accident. That bolt prevents me from being able to take the interior panel off. This wouldn't be that bad if I could just get the door open. I think the part that got hit behind the door has moved the door latch, thus making it difficult to open the door, and impossible to get the door door skin off.

    I found a red door for sale but it would have to be shipped to me. I think I may just try and sell it for cheap now.
  18. Thanks Panzer.

    I got it open! Turned out to be damaged/misaligned linkage. I'll take the door skin off tomorrow to see if the linkage can be shoved back into place or if it's hopeless. Once the skin is off, I can manually turn the lock mechanism to unlock the door from the inside. So I have to leave my passenger door unlocked (lock is seized), get into the driver side, manually turn the lock from the inside, get out, and close the door. Then I have to repeat the process.

    I tried to turn my passenger door lock, and broke the key in the process haha. Also, IF I do end up finding a manual window door, how the heck do I take the doors off? I see two bolts for the door check, but also two pins which the door swivels on, pictured below (circled). How do I pop those pins out?
  19. Take front fender off, take hinge off
  20. Wow, what a threadnaught, and ending with the hit and run, been there. Took 13 months to finally settle it up. Bloody late night drunk drivers. Wouldn't be surprized if it was the same guy who hit it over and over again. Drives by oogling your car and whoops. Good luck on the fixings.
  21. Yea. I've been looking into some used doors. Got a reply from the guy in lethbridge, turns out to be the same shop that was fixing my electrical problem. If I am heading back that way next week I may consider picking one up, if they have a manual window one. The lame part is that I would have to use whatever key they provide me with to open the door, and then a different one for everything else. Unless I can take out my current lock mechanism and swap it over, but what's the point? Mines broken.

    Thankfully the other two times it was hit, we 'caught' the guy. First time was in winter, and two cars came down the road and somebody didn't give the other guy enough space, and thus flew into the side of my car. Turned out to be my new neighbor right across the street (we saw him standing outside the car). Second time, my brothers friend was dropping him off, and did a U-turn in the middle of the street and backed right into the car. Helped him out by doing as much of the interior panel removing as I could to cut cost down. And this time, well, I assume it was another person doing a U-turn. There's no scratching or anything, so it looks like it was backed right into.

    Sucks. Thanks for the good wishes though. Some guy from Regina is interested in the car and is willing to pay me $4000 CDN as is for it, but he can't make it out here till mid Sept.
  22. $4k is a good price with considering the the damage.
  23. Yea I'd be happy with 4k. $3500 without those rims. Other guys are offering me $2500 lol
  24. Regina eh? I will need to keep an eye out for it. Out here, it means one of two crowds. There is the group that keeps them stockish and styling. If they are willing to come out there that is probably the crowd it would be going to. Otherwize, the autocross/"drifting" group is pretty solid in Regina as well, hopefully doesn't go to anybody in them, I always throw up a little in my mouth when I see their cars driving around...

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