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  1. So I just bought a '92 240SX

    STRETCH those tires buddy. Shove some 195's on there haha. My car is going up for sale make a few hundred, I wanna make $250 profit on a $500 car, possible? Once this sells I got something for you guys

    1993 Nissan 240SX Coupe
    - Automatic
    - 140 ***kms! (yes km)
    - Original owner, everything original and OEM maintenance at Nissan.

    I would make breakfast on it's engine and eat it on it's frame rails.
  2. So I just bought a '92 240SX

    More info on this car I just got.

    5 speed
    Ka24E engine(not running at the moment)

    The rust :
    Hatch has rust
    Fenders have very minor bubbling.
    Strut towers are original, wheel wells patched.
    Frame patched on passenger side up front.
    The rest is all no holes, somewhat rusted still think I got a steal
    Engine may be blown, Battery is completely empty.
    Broken hatch latch
    Broken door locks

    The plus sides are...
    5 speed
    wired up clearly for an amp and sub
    aftermarket shift knob
    Aftermarket alarm(has the buttons on the key)
    Pretty good shape body wise overall.
    HUD(unsure if it works)
    7 spokes not tear drops

    $1000 asking price, pretty good if you ask me.
  3. So I just bought a '92 240SX

    I had stretched some 205/50's on there, and they still stuck out too much.
  4. I changed the thread title.

    New seats went in, and ride pretty high but I don't mind that. My concern lies with the fact that I cannot slide the seats forward as close as I used to be able to with the oem seats. Due to all this, I'm not sure if it's exactly comfortable, but definately still driveable. In addition, my rear seats I can't even get to anymore really, due to the sliders not allowing it and the seats not being able to recline foward as much. So, the little use they had before has deminished even more, lol.

    Edit: Oh yeah, I was at the theater last night and my friend happened to know a guy passing by in a 240. We started talking and I looked at his interior and it was MINTTTT. I couldn't believe it, everything was there, the only thing not originally from that specific car was the rear seat, as it had cigg burns on it. Then I asked him how many km's on it, I was expecting him to say under 100k, but to my extreme surprise, it had over 300k!! The guy was nice enough to take me for a ride, and I seriously couldn't believe the condition the car was in, especially for the age.
  5. $1000 for a rusty 240sx with a blown engine? Thats ridiculous.
  6. How long you had the K-Sports for? Pretty good for the price you pay. Are they just the control pros? I'm running K-Sports on my gray 240 as
  7. The amount of 240/Nissan owners here is amazing.
  8. Wait, who are you again?
  9. I got them last year in june and they're great for street driving with the occasional track day. They're just the regular model, I dont know what they're called, probably the control pros.
    Ksport has gotten a lot better recently. My friend has a set he bought in april of 2005 and they ride a lot worse than mine and he's had to have rebuilt twice.
  10. 426hemi, is there a reason why you are NOT painting that #$%#ing front fender?
  11. I primered it last night and its getting paint today.
  12. ahhhhhhhh ok <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/PnutSpecial.gif"></A>

    and I like these threads of mods, +1
  13. haha you lol me sometimes
  14. Yeah, control pros are the cheapest...what I have. I had one blow out about a year and a half ago. My brother is a dealer of K-Sport and was able to get my blown cylinder replaced. They ended up being super nice and sent two to replace both. Plus they are the newer style where when adjusting the stiffness, the key actually clicks every 1/4 turn or so. No problems with them yet and we have rough roads here.

    What else do you have done or plan on doing with your Sil-Eighty?<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

    I'm kinda choked that I'm trading mine for a Skyline now. They are just so much fun!
  15. The amount of 240 owners with the same colour 240 is amazing. Three of ours are So sexy!
  16. Skylines are boring...

    My 240 is simply buy/sell
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  19. I took these horrible pictures with my dying canon a80, but they'll do. I went to autozone and got what I thought was the closest match to my paint. I know it doesnt look that great but its not a permenent solution.
  20. Spray a clear coat on it.
  21. I did, but it could probably use more and a better wetsand.
  22. importguy: Just wondering if you are still interested in selling the tails/if they have the RPS13 text on them. I can't be bothered to find the old page on your old thread to examine them, and I think I'm pretty set on them having to have the text. Anyways if you could let me know that would be great.

    Question to all: Anyone know where to get the RPS13/Kouki front bumper? I see replica ones everywhere but they aren't quite bang on. They all lack the front license plate holder and some have a really fat lip at the bottom.
  23. Any importer should be able to get them for you.
  24. Whoa! I never even thought of this, and have already found some! Thanks dude!
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