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  1. My tail lights don't have the text. And it depends if I will sell or not on whether I suck myself into buying a 180 instead of the R33.
  2. Having second thoughts on the R33? But yea, like I said I'm pretty set on having the text. I can only seem to find ones with text on ebay, with raceonusa. My brother has ordered some stuff from there before and it seems to be good so I might look into that. Thanks though
  3. The only reason I remember is because my importer has a black 240SX converted to look exactly like the red one you showed.
  4. Just FYI, Skyline GTR OEM and GTS-T OEM rims for sale, 4 of each. I have 17 x 8 +32 Blitz wheels for sale as well(5 x 114) someone needs to buy these!
  5. I just love my 240 so much and the fact that the R33 is quite heavy. I'm almost certain I will be purchasing the R33...but like I said, if for some reason there is something wrong with it, I will likely start window And if I were to end up getting a 180, all my plans will be staying the same as they were with the 240.
  6. You will debate for along time but in the end all it takes is a spirited drive in the Skyline. I have thought to myself before sell skyline, pick up a 240 but than I go for a drive.

    The handling, the spool, boost and of the course the car itself is hard to compare to a 240.
  7. Yeah, they are definitely different cars. I'm also looking forward to working on an RB.
  8. Hard to say I guess until you drive both. Personally I've never been in a SR or RB powered car.

    Wait. I would assume if you are looking into a 180, you are looking for one with the SR and not the CA18 right?

    Edit: If you do go 180, would it be living the S15 conversion dream?
  9. Thinking about it now, I don't think I'd settle for a GTS. I just love the S13 so much. I think my tough time (assuming laws don't change) will be when I have the option to import a R33 GTR, and S15, or a Galant VR4. They were all produced around the same years, so they will be ready for import around the same time.
  10. Well I have some mini projects to do, not sure If I will do them though...

    Tomorrows plans : Inspect Spark plugs, coils and stuff, minor work on car and prep.

    Wednesday : Bring to a shop and hoist it up, check tie rods, ball joints and shit.

    Start gathering parts I'm working on entering a time attack event and a drift event in August so I gotta pop my car to tip top shape!
  11. Save your money and buy a R35. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  12. Sounds like fun
  13. haha, as amazing as the R35 is and even if I had the cash for one, I might just take a R33 or R34 over it. They're just to classic to ignore. I saw the white R33 below when I was in China, and my mouth just dropped. Unfortunately they would both be RHD... <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  14. i have teh nissan project car too.
  15. Man I love this thread, seriously.
  16. that's my dream car *drool*
  17. haha, I assume you're talking about the R33. I couldn't really explain the feeling I had when I saw that one. It was the first R33 GTR I had ever seen, and it drove by going the other way. I remember saying to my brother, 'Chris! Did you see that R33!? It was white in white with Te37's!!', brother: "WHERE?!". I thought we had lost it, then our taxi kept driving around and next thing you know we were right behind it. And holy mother, what an amazing looking car! My Dad was talking to the taxi driver and translated "the driver says it must be a race car, look at the license plate". If you look in the pic, it's hanging out, I guess that means its main duty was for off road racing purposes? I have no idea. Regardless, what a beast.
  18. Yes, I know sportmax fail, but they'll do for now.
  19. Sweet, how much?
  20. What size are those?
  21. 16 x 8 +0?

    I took my car to a shop, Control arms needed. My beater 240SX I also got running so im taking step at a time. I also sold my Blitz rims yesterday.

    Now I am looking for R32 GTS-T Front Upper Control arms for August gay.
  22. Yeah, 16x8 +0
  23. LOL at good luck cats on dashboard.
  24. haha yea, it adds to the picture in a very themed way. Also note you can see the taxi driver's name too lol

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