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  1. The 240 or the R32?
  2. The R32 will be up for sale I hope to milk the cost and get 11 000 out of it, doubt it but hey lets try!

    The 240SX sold within 2 weeks for $50 under asking price
  3. Whoa, so you could be like, carless?
  4. I have a local 240SX, Auto, coupe all original...Original owner and dealer maintained with 145***kms...

    If all goes well I will be picking that up.
  5. Sounds good, pics?
  6. None yet...

    OEM Suspension changed today, now running them all around...
    OEM R32 GTR Rims with brand new Goodyear Eagle GT all around...

    Bigger plans coming boys, interior coming out(seats and carpets)
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    hey guys,

    PureEuroM3 suggested that i come over to this thread and say whats up after see a post of mine in a different forum.

    anyway about 2 weeks ago i picked up a 05 G35 6MT coupe and started buying parts already <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A> so far i have a Invidia g200 catback coming in the mail this week. after that im not sure, i think im going to save up and get some wheels/tires after winter but i dont know if i can hold out that long.

    here is a clip of the g200 but i will post a new vid once i have mine put in
  8. Just so some people who don't know, I really hope you do, but Nissan = Infinity. Nice car and keep us updated! The parts our cars share are very similar, so the same that I would consider buying your OEM wheels if you buy aftermarkets!
  9. the OEM's are not in great (good but by no means great) shape thanks to the guy before me. i am thinking of having them powdercoated in hopes that it can sort of hide some marks but im not sure yet if it is even worth the money if i replace them.

    as far as the nissan = infiniti ya its pretty much a fatter and more "refined" 350z. refined meaning they made it slower but OEM z parts can go on it to improve that. im going to get a z-tube & intake soon. this exhaust is just one for a 350 but longer to fit the g35

    ps: no way taking a jab at z's i wish my car came with those things to make it more aggressive out of the box.
  10. speedracer, I know by your other thread you said you were planning on keeping it mainly stock as it is a daily driver right? I'd imagine if you wanted OEM Z parts to beef things up, unless you get them used you might be able to get alot better aftermarket stuff for less than OEM Z stuff, especially if you are going through the dealer. Keep in mind I bet almost all the Z after market stuff will be a perfect fit for the G.

    Congrats again! And please do post in here, it's cool to see variety.
  11. Please tune the car according to your needs and budget. I never support anyone who spends endless amounts of money, sacrificing say social out going and stuff like that to modify a car for no reason.

    If your G35 is a DD well small things are fun but don't go overboard because it will become a money pit, mine is developing into one. Interior pics please of the G! I had a friend who's father owned one and those Beige,i believe, leather seats were nice and comfy!
  12. Ugh yea, I've even seen some cars (in magazines of course) with Bride Low Max seats with matching bride fabric custom wrapped around the back seats too! Or soooo hardcore of race buckets that they have full protection around the head preventing shoulder checking! Not only is stuff like this not practical but it's going to suck your wallet dry! Personally I'm a huge fan of basic everyday cars given just the slightest touch of style, and it helps if they are kept in real good shape too. For example I've never been a fan of the newer Corolla's, but I've seen a white one going around thats been lowered, a small lip added, it's real clean and always has glossy tires. Every time I see it I just have to stop and stare.

    I guess what I'm saying is alot of cars can look really cool and alot more appreciated when things are done within reason.
  13. i will get some more photos this weekend because i have friday off work. i sort of mis-typed, i did not mean alot but a few is a better word.

    as far as how far i will go i really hope i just get wheels,lower, and intake but who knows. i know im not going to do the TT thing because that is just crazy money that i would rather buy a new car with and have that to race (old mr2 <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>)

  14. i got it in the mail today so im going to get it put on tomorrow, photos and clips coming soon
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  16. I can tell your azn because you have the clip on air freshener and the cute dinosaur on your dash.
  17. haha, both were gifts actually. The dino is badass though, there's no denying it.

    Anyways, off to Mexico I go! w00t
  18. I lowered the front a little, I still need to lower the rear, then I'll probably lower the front again.

    I also bought a kaaz 2 way diff, I cant wait till it gets here.
  19. photos, my site is not liking the video file i'm using so i will make a new one and get a clip up later today i hope.

  20. Well...bad news about my 240 that I was planning on selling in spring. The engine is done. Alternator is dead, crack in the stock intake pipe, timing chain is about to go, and the engine now has five oil leaks. Plus the clutch started slipping right before I took it in. Wish I wasn't trying to kill the KA so I could swap in an SR20, as it seems my lack of care has now bitten me in the ass.

    I was hoping to sell the car for maybe $6000 with fresh paint and some other stuff. But now I have to pay for a new alternator which the shop that looked at it for me said I HAD to get from Nissan for a ridiculous price, will need new intake pipe...which is nothing, and a new timing chain fairly soon, and clutch. They also suggested that the engine be rebuilt because of how #$%#ed it is, which the guy they suggested to me will likely charge between $4500-$5000!!!

    So...IT'S PROJECT TIME!!! I'm gonna pick of a new alternator for a fraction of Nissan's price, grab the intake pipe off my buddies parts car, then limp around on it till the Skyline arrives. After that gets here, it's time to drop in that SR20 I've always wanted. So in a couple months I will be doing an SR20 or perhaps an RB20 swap as I have found a great deal on a complete RB swap. Then once that's done, I will be parking the Skyline for the rest of winter and driving the 240, then come time to pull out the R33, I will be putting a decent looking body kit on it and getting that fresh paint. Then the car will be going up for sale...which is going to make me sad.

    But...with all this rather than spending near $6000 on the car to get it back to great condition to sell for...well hopefully $6000, and rather than keeping it as a parts car or selling the shell, I will be spending roughly $4000 and selling it for probably around $10,000 easy. Yes, that may sound ridiculous, but it won't be hard to do so around here. Especially if I do the RB swap. "Skyline powered 240sx" would be a good selling point.

    So, I will get some fun out of my 240 yet and will probably be way for sad now when I let it go, but I will have an RB25 waiting to be tapped. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  21. Oh...and 426hemi. Your 240 looks hawt!
  22. A box came today.
  23. Ohhh no #$%#ing way! More info please, My skyline is getting prepped for Winter storage this week...I'm going to miss it.
  24. How much?
  25. You're not going to have much a of a problem selling it once the SR or RB swap is done. The only problem will be, well, you parting with it. lol

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