The noisiest cars

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by ajzahn, Aug 4, 2008.

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    #$%#ing loud
  2. SSC Ultimate Aero TT at full boost.

    Realistically though, I don't think anything has a chance against the Caparo T1: roaring v8 race engine with no cockpit!
  3. I can ensure you that a superseven style car will be if not more, then just as noisiy as the Morgan.
  4. One of the loudest cars I ever heard was one of those old straight-8 Maserti racecars at a concours event.
  5. Big Rob's old Volvo when it had an open exhaust.
  6. any civic with a lousy exhaust system, all noise and gets from one light to another in like 4 hours... they kill me lmfao.
  7. Stop bumping old shit.
  8. My MR2 when it ran a big end bearing
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    One of the best sounding too apart from Canam cars.
  10. What's the fuxxxing point of measuring this? That is SO German...

    Anyway I've attended an event where the K'egg CCR ...CCXR (don't remember, it was grey...) was demonstrated. That car is insanely LOUD! It's not really a beautiful sound, it's just LOUD.
  11. Ferrari F40 with Tuby Style exhaust - 118 dB
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    too quiet for amerka
  13. the Artega GT is one of the nosiest cars I ever drove, also auto,motor und sport magazines listed it one of the top ten loudest cars
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    I think this video does the F40 more justice. EPIC!


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