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    I know we all have changed our minds about which car we REALLY want over the years.

    Which is the car for you that keeps becoming THE ONE you want.

    For me it's often
    The F355 Spider
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  2. Lotus Esprit
  3. [​IMG]

    Dat ass

    Srsly this thing still looks drop-dead gorgeous IRL, has aged so well. Dunno if they're decent to drive, never got the chance to test one.
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  4. Ferrari made excellent designs in the 90's-early 2000's. The 360, 456, 550/575 were all gorgeous and have aged well in my opinion.
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  5. That's tough. One of these two.



    Only drove the latter, but it left a major impression on me. Felt like I was living out a childhood dream that I never thought I'd actually experience.
  6. Have you driven the 456?
  7. As I mentioned in another thread. I will always have a soft spot for the C4 Corvette. So as a realistically attainable "the one" I'd say that.

    For just all out dream car. It's tough. The XJ220, Mclaren F1 or P1 maybe. I also have a major hard-on for the Commendatore
    isdera-commendatore.jpg f86298d45b965a32893a1419f11a96e4.jpg
  8. Why is there a mirror on the roof?
  9. It's a periscope mirror because you probably couldn't see shit with a regular rearview mirror.
  10. To go faster. What kind of silly question is that.
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  11. As Idol said. It really is a periscope mirror. Instead of a traditional rear view mirror. The way the rear end of the car is setup, visibility from a traditional rear view mirror would be practically nill. It's also just a neat quirk.

    I also still really love the Lambo Cala and italdesign Nazca C2
  12. It's only valid if @Innotech says.
  13. Yeah? Admittedly, they've grown on me over the past decade, but I'd still say that and the C5 are the weakest Corvettes. The very first C1s are my personal favorites.

    This is pretty great, too, though...
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  14. I have not, no. Have known a couple people that have them (or maybe have had them... not sure if they still do), but have never driven one. I've actually not driven that many Ferraris. The ones I have, though, have mostly been pretty special. F50, 288 GTO, Dino (kinda a Ferrari)... Also driven a 308, California (the newer one, but not a T), a 599... Think that may be it.

    It's kind of like Porsches. Haven't driven a 911 Carrera or Boxster, but I've driven a 959, 356 Speedster, 993 Turbo, 930 Turbo...
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  15. One to dream.
  16. That one is definitely way up there. One of the greatest cars of all time. One of the six just saw the light of day in Philadelphia at a dealership and it makes me REALLY want to shoot it. Thought about reaching out to Peloton to see if he knows who it is and if they'd be up for shooting it. It would be worth traveling across the country.
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  17. Any nice autumn, scenic places near Philadelphia? Recreating that Official LM photo could do as a sales speech...
  18. What was the 959 like?
  19. I think it's Isdera's calling card. The Isdera Imperator 108i has the same setup
  20. I didn't drive it much or come anywhere close to pushing it, but I wasn't wild about it. A little too comfortable and refined for me. Not erally my style. Actually prefer driving a 930 Turbo from my limited experience.

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