The ONLY things I like about this car

Discussion in '2008 Vector Avtech WX-8 HPV' started by Veyronman, Nov 18, 2007.

  1. are the flush windows.

    I really hate vector
  2. Uh... are those Toyota Supra headlights?
  3. yes, its the first thing i noticed.
  4. Hahahah! That hilarious because it was the first thing I noticed too! Sue them Toyota, SUE! =)
  5. supra headlights and what looks like a hidden murcielago rear (close nuff) :p looks like one of those cardboard body kits haha.

    P.S. I like how they keep changing the wheels, like that's the problem with the look of the car. (btw, c5 vette wheels in background shot :D)
  6. Geez guys I dunno, can't count out the killer quality paint job. I think UniqueWhips did it with a couple cans of spray paint from the hardward store haha.

  7. remember, though, this car is just a prototype and is not complete. I like overall look of the car, but the frontend needs some work.
  8. I agree. I think this car has potential, but Vector needs to give this car it's own identity. All of the great supercars have their own strong identity, no matter how well they perform(ed). After all, outrageous and instantly identifiable looks is part of a supercar's MO.
  9. The front end looks very simular to a smoother 96 camaro front end
  10. I remember the hype round Vector in the 80's it later turned out that the company was mostly hot air and the cars was crap, So I'm sure things will turn out the same this time too.

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