The original M3 is back! (Concept 1 Series tii)

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    The original M3 is back!

    24 October 2007

    Is this the much discussed, but as yet unbuilt, successor to the original M3? BMW isn’t saying if it will make this lighter, lower version of the 1-series coupé, but it’s likely that something very similar will go into limited production next year.

    Named after the classic and highly desirable 2002 tii, the Concept 1-series tii is a motorsport-influenced, carbonfibre-rich two-door with a bespoke aerodynamic kit and a modified interior.

    The tii’s front and rear bumpers are new, along with the sill covers and bootlid, to improve the car’s aerodynamics. On the bootlid, a Gurney flap — a thin carbonfibre blade — increases downforce over the back axle. There are even fins on each side of the carbonfibre bonnet to improve airflow over the front of the car.

    As a result, BMW claims the tii is lighter and better-balanced than a standard 1-series coupé. It’s also lower (by 23mm) and slightly longer.

    Inside, the tii gets a severe-looking set of race seats, plenty of black Alcantara and contrasting white-painted trim on the dash, doors and steering wheel. The white-faced rev counter gets an oil temperature gauge.

    BMW won’t confirm the engine, but it’s likely to be a version of the 2005 320si’s 2.0-litre four-cylinder unit. And BMW has indicated it will have a turbo; the reversed tii logo on the bumper is a subtle nod to the original 2002 Turbo, which had ‘turbo’ written in reverse lettering in the same place.

    Although the 320si wasn’t particularly quick or powerful — 173bhp and 0-60mph in 8.1sec — its 7000rpm peak power delivery had something of the original M3’s engine, and its quick responses were well-received. In a lighter 1-series, with the tii’s efficient aerodynamics, performance could be much improved, especially with a turbo.

    Don’t expect the production car to be called M1 or tii, however. The most likely name for this 1-series is CS; BMW has always applied it to lighter, faster models.

  2. The original M3 is back!

    god let this news be true. This would be a perfect little runabout for me
  3. The original M3 is back!

    like i know that the 1 series is a great driving car but its ugly enough wihtout the god aweful coupe.
  4. The original M3 is back!

    The coupé looks great
  5. The original M3 is back!

    it's a disgrace.
  6. The original M3 is back!

  7. The original M3 is back!

    Sounds great.
  8. The original M3 is back!

    lol at the haters/VAGinas. they can't even give some props when some props is due.
  9. The original M3 is back!

    If they make that I'll buy it.
  10. The original M3 is back!

    Dude, my scrotum looks better than the 1-Series, and if anything this tii is only uglier. It sounds like an awesome driver's car and it also has a heritage, but holy shit, face the facts.
  11. The original M3 is back!

    lol, car visual critique are facts. Facts that must be faced!

  12. The original M3 is back!

    facts that aren't even wholely accepted lol

  13. The original M3 is back!

    I can't really say I like the looks either. The white revometer (can't recall the word lol) is a nice touch, though.
  14. The original M3 is back!

    I don't know, but there must be some thruth behind the fact that both wOOt and PandaBeat - who can't come up on an agreement on anything - agree that the car looks like canned crap.

    You know, aesthetics is such an relative concept, like if there is no universely accepted proportions that are pleasent and unpleasent to the human eye!
  15. The original M3 is back!

    Holy shit! That looks/is FANTASTIC!
  16. The original M3 is back!

    if you knew anything about this forum you'd also knew that w00t is completely wrong 99% of the time.
  17. The original M3 is back!

    If BMW makes that I'll probably buy one.
  18. The original M3 is back!

    And PandaBeat is wrong on everything that's German.
  19. The original M3 is back!

    I know he is a tool, and that was the point, that he has the same opinion as Panda on the 1-Series, so you see that even mentally handicapped people recognize that BMW design department screwed on that one.
  20. The original M3 is back!

    You mean tools and mentally handicapped people all agree that "BMW design department screwed on that one?"

    In that case, I'd very much agree with you.
  21. The original M3 is back!

    Yes, i just easily found my next car. I need a new car, and as long as the priceis not to steep, i think this is it!
  22. The original M3 is back!

    srsly, this is what I thought too back when I first saw the 135.
    Awesome, and looks great.
  23. BMW is shit. You're shit.
  24. I hate how it looks, but still I like it.

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