The Panoz Abruzzi is coming!!!

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by rabbitl1, Jun 23, 2006.

  1. yes. Its really unrefined quick sketch I did today and while my hand was bleeding. so Ill redo it much better later, probably toning the GTRish nose down a lot, or at least making it better integrated so it doesnt look so "Enzo"
  2. Read the very first post. It may or may not be a Ford engine. We really have no clue what it will be.
  3. It says Lotus.
  4. Go with the all aluminum 7 Liter V8 in the Saleen... Problem solved. It's a Ford engine, aluminum OHV so it's light, and it's 7 liters. Only way you could be any better off is with an LS7, but I bet you could bore/stroke this thing to be closer to 8 liters, LS7 probably couldn't pull that off.
  5. ummm no... that engine isnt really a ford... its a saleen engine. its even less a ford then the Koenigsegg engine [which again is not ford]

  6. I like that, including the nose, but the air intake in front of the rear wheel is a bit big and simply styled compared to the rest of the car. That's the only thing that immediately pops out at me, otherwise that's a great design.
  7. I tried to incorproate that black feature on the AIV roadster as an intake shape. It wasnt completely successful but Ill refine it.
  8. S7 Race cars run a 6.0l version of the motor tuned by Elan Powertrain, one of Don Panoz' companies. So I suppose it's possible, I just don't see that happening though since Saleen also runs in GT1 and they wont want to be beaten by their own engines in another car.
  9. Its a really bad name for a supercar, IMO
  10. That may not be the production name. Right now it's just the code name for the project.
  11. The northstar in the XLR-V is 4.4 liters. I wonder if it could be destroked to 4.0 liters? It would be just like everything else that is insanely fast and awsome if they went with the LS7, so that won't work.
  12. It's somewhat based off of a Ford engine though correct? I know it's not a straight up Ford engine, but I didn't figure it mattered all that much so I didn't say "It's loosely based off of a Ford engine". Although as someone brought up below Saleen races in the same class, so they probably wouldn't want to let them use it.

    Could always use an old school ford big block, I'm sure there are Aluminum blocks available in the aftermarket. Then use Aluminum heads and voila. Or they could ditch trying to use ford engines and use whatever floats their boat.
  13. But that big block would have to go into production cars that meet all safety and emissions requirements as well.
  14. There are still big blocks in production in the US. Trucks have em, plus the S7 uses a big block 7 liter. Besides there are plenty of other large displacement engines that have more cylinders that pass. I'm sure they could get it to pass emmissions no problem.

    Safety requirements might be harder, but they should be able to pull it off if they want to. It's not like a BB OHV V8 is much larger than a DOHC V8. As a matter of fact in previous discussions on here it has been pointed out that certain DOHC V8s are actually larger than old school BB V8s physically, and if it was all aluminum it would likely be lighter than them as well.
  15. No they really aren't, we had a red one in our showroom for months and we couldn't sell it for the life of us. We eventually had to trade it for a different vehicle.
  16. I hope they change it
  17. The S7's engine is not a big block. The S7's engine started life as a 351 Cleveland and was extensively modified from there. Big block truck engines are anything but lightweight, or efficient, which are both very important in endurance racing.
  18. Where do you work?
  19. John Abruzzi was the mobster fellow in Prison Break played by Peter Stormare. So it's not that bad.
  20. Huh. I thought it was based off of a BB ford. I guess I was wrong. In either case if you noted I said use an aftermarket Aluminum block. If you use an all aluminum setup with FI it would be lightweight(as stated probably as light as a DOHC V8) and it could be efficient. Afterall a race engine will stay in the upper rev range most of the time anyway. So the difference in fuel consumption between a 4 Liter Turbo V8 making XHP and an N/A 7 liter V8 making XHP will probably be minimal.

    Also I was simply using the BB trucks and whatnot to point out that a BB V8 can pass safety tests. Not that they would be a good engine to use. The fact that DOHC V8s are physically comperable to OHV BBs also points to that fact.
  21. Next year will be the year the Panoz Abruzzi will be introduced. Will it be a mid engine or a front-mid mount engine like the Esperante. What engine will it have? Still not publicly announced, but the new car will likely be intoduced in Sept at an ALMS event. Updates on the new Abruzzi as well as the new model Esperante coupe and convertable will be posted as allowed to be publicly shared on
  22. So this is still happening even with no more GT1?
  23. I was told that all ALMS GT cars will be spec'd as GT2 cars and raced in the new GT class. That does limit them to what size engine they use. I am looking forward to se what the use. I know they have some new plans for the European market but not sure of all the exact details, so perhaps they have some type of new RELATIONSHIP.
  24. GT1 = Dead
    GT2 = GT

    And for the record, there will be no Panoz on the grid in the ALMS or anywhere else in 2010. Perhaps if the Abruzzi ever actually comes out, they'll race it as well.

    I have my doubts we'll ever see the car though as Panoz has been making MASSIVE cuts in all areas of Panoz Auto Group and Panoz Motorsports Group at every level.

    Panoz had wanted to create a new bio-butanol powered LMP, based in some fashion on the old LMP (which seemed to me like NOTHING but a bad idea), but Panoz couldn't get any investors to pay for the project.

    Everything I've heard of the Abruzzi thusfar has said it will be mid engined and much more upmarket than anything currently made by the brand. I've also heard that Ford power was not necessarily the engine of choice for the project. I've heard the new LMP program that never happened was likely to have been Chevy powered, so perhaps this would transfer over to the road car as well.

    But all that being said, I've literally heard nothing on the Abruzzi in probably a year and a half, which is why I have my doubts it will be coming out.

    If they do continue with the Esperante, I know they'll be offering it with an updated hardtop (or it may finally become a full-fledged coupe after many years with just a bolted on top). The new top will resemble that of which the PTG GT2 Panoz ran in the ALMS for much of 2009. Other than that I've heard nothing more on Esperante developments.
  25. a 6.4 hemi would be tits in this

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