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Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by rabbitl1, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. I request some decent pics of the XJR-15 LM!
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  4. Wasn't sure so I googled the name. Google failed on me
  5. I request Bugatti Type 35 (assuming I have got this one right)
  6. That's not the XP1! It's the XP3 at best...
    The XP1 is silver and has the rear-view mirrors on top of the A-pillar...
  7. That's just the regular XJR-15...
    The LM version is quite rare with only 5 cars ever built!
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    It seems you have no clue about the McLaren F1 at all, now do you?
    The car you are refering to is the so called clinic model - more or less some kind of mock-up!!!
    Therefore you won't find a pic of this cars engine/engine bay as it has none (most likely)...
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    As a matter of fact I do. I just don't spend my life unveiling chassis numbers... I only thought, since it was the first car produced, it must have been the XP1, that's all. And since I searched the net for XP1 and no pics showed up, I followed that line.
    I was asking for pics of the engine bay because I've seen models of it with a much different engine layout than the other production, i.e., different intake mainfolds, different cylinder heads, etc...

    Could you help me with that, please?
  10. You meant De Tomaso Pantera Si. De Tomaso never made Pantera 200. They produced 41 Si Panteras with 305 bhp engines. Only 1 was converted into real Pantera 200 - RHD in 1994.

    "De Tomaso didn't. Dick Puxty did. He was the UK importer for De Tomaso,
    and he received the one and only right-hand-drive Pantera Si, cobbled together
    a twin turbo package for the stock 5.0 liter Mustang engine, and he called it
    the Pantera 200. The British press picked up on it, and ever since then
    people have been incorrectly referring to all Pantera Si cars as "Pantera 200".
    When in fact, that was the name of that one and only car.

    The car was sold to South Africa, but the buyer neglected the little detail
    of actually paying for it! It took a few years for the situation to be
    untangled, but eventually Dick got the car back and I believe sold it to somebody
    else in the UK.

    Since that time, one other Pantera Si was converted to RHD, by the factory,
    for an Australian buyer."

  11. heres the 35a 35b and 35c
  12. now i request an orange ferrari
  13. all ive got on my pc.
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    That's beyond my knowledge!
    All I know is, that the road cars were equiped with BMW's S70/2 engine ever since the XP-stage and the race cars with the S70/3...
    It's better you ask such a specific question here:
  16. ...
  17. Thanks mate!
    It's a shame that all 5 cars are owned by the same nipponese guy...
  18. its a shame the Jaguar XJR15 is such a dog to drive. It looks gorgeous.
  19. who besides clarkson said this? his opinion on cars always needs a huge grain of salt
  20. COnsidering all the cars he drove are "the bests he's ever driven", saying that car is a pain in the ass to drive really should mean something, I guess...
  21. since no ones requesting i request tesla roadster
  22. I request 1973 Porsche 917/30 (Can Am).
  23. thanks for the tesla,heres your 917,i request ford gt heritage edition

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