The Porsche 930 sucks

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Spyder757, Dec 20, 2006.

  1. A) The S8 is bigger
    B) The S8 has things like MMI, AWD, a V10
    C) It's a luxury marque
    D) It isn't based on a mass-market car, like the 300C is

    Need more?
  2. You go girl!
  3. I thought you....errr Joe would defend GM somehow in that post.
  4. AWD & V10 are pretty useless when it's not faster or makesit handle any better.

    It's not any bigger. The 300C has a 120 inch wheel base compared to the 115 inch wheel base of the S8. The S8 out weighs the 300C by 80 lbs but I don't really think that's a good thing.

    Luxury? It's a VW with VW's shitty track record for building shitty cars. They've already had a recall because the air backs don't work correctly.
  5. word
  6. Oh please don't give me that line of bullshit. You'd be the first one to say something if the Corvette cost $50,000 more than an NSX but wasn't any faster.

    This isn't some comparison of a Cobra vs. S2000. It's two big body 4000lb luxury/performance 4 doors

    It's a double standard where by people willingly accept poor build quality and inflated price tags of European makes.

    You want to debate this then make your own thread and explain to me about stopping 2 or 3 feet shorter and getting a car that's statistically more likely to break down on you is worth $50,000.
  7. AWD helps it in the snow and inclement weather, tool. Audi is clearly the luxury division of VAG.

    Chrysler has a wonderful record with building cars as well. Your points are so well thought out.
  8. Luxury has nothing to do with reliability genious.

  9. This thread was a joke and I was joking around. Chillax there and stop putting words in my mouth
  10. It's funny how people complain how sensitive Americans are and how we think the Corvette is God and get pissed off whenever someone criticizes it, but when Spyder makes a joke those same people go ape.
  11. If PandaBeat made this thread in american with corvette in place of porsche 930, there would be people pissed off and defending it. This is different, it is far from a flamewar.

    Edited for truthiness
  12. I don't think anyone here is pissed off, unlike the Corvette threads when you can picture people punching their walls and kicking their dogs.
  13. It is literally unbelievable that someone thinks the 300C competes with the A8. I really am having trouble grasping how someone could think that. Yes, the 300C is faster, but that's like saying the S2000 is going after the Cerbera.

    McDonalds gives you 3000 calories a sitting. Therefore it competes with prime rib and mashed potatoes.
  14. AHAHA! so true!
  15. Yes, this thread is a 50 page flamewar with people defending Porsche.
  16. Yes, this thread is a 50 page flamewar with people defending Porsche.
  17. Meh, I really don't care about interiors, diet of jap & australian cars I guess...
  18. VWs Touareg looks better than Porsches Cayenne...
  19. Quite aside form the fact that the S200 is NOT faster than a Cerbera.
  20. Name these people for me if you like. I personally think this thread is hilarious, for the record.
  21. Even with without NAwZz?
  22. With nawz you can kill a Bugatti Veyronman!
  23. You call this going ape? At least most posts here are based on facts, rather than just fanboy rambling. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>
  24. this thread is stupid
  25. This thread was clearly a joke, which is why people didn't go batshit. In the SRT-8 vs S8 thread it wasn't a joke, which is why people were pissed. Or at least there were as pissed as any Z06 fanboy ever gets.

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