The Power Of A Ford V8

Discussion in '2001 Qvale Mangusta' started by ShadowAngelOfGod77, Feb 14, 2003.

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    yup, a TUNED ford 4.6ltr V8 making porsche only makes that much HP from a stock 3.6lr flat-6

    so a tuned ford 4.6ltr V8 makes about the same power as a non-tuned 3.6ltr 6cyl porsche...that say, 1 ltr more, and 2 cyls more, and it's tuned, just to make what a 3.6ltr flat 6 makes...

    talk about power....HA!
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    You mean the 201 hp flat six in the Boxster? My point is Ford makes good power plants, and less powerful ones. Just like every other car manufacturer, just like Porsche.
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    I am not defending Ford power plants, I'm not one giant fan of them nor do I hate them. I do recognize there is not as much engineering, but the cars are coming it at about one third the price. That price difference covers a little bit for better materials, a lot for engineering. If you don't think they had to tune an engine to get a 3.6 flat six to run 320 you're nuts. It may not be aftermarket tuned, but its tuned. Every time a car comes out from the manufacturer for 5 more hp than the last year, they use this crazy terminology, they say they tuned it. The Qvale isn't tuned well, and its just a dumb car. its not the fault of the Ford people that sold them the engines not intending them to be put in that car.
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    I agree that there is no way a flat 6 can put out 320 hp.
    I also think you are wrong about the Mangusta being stupid. I think you were looking at a mirror.
  7. Yup.
  8. I bet a flat six could put out 320hp.
  9. Listen, shut up buddy, I don't think you even know what is meant by "tuned" two stock engines in two different cars, and you're going to claim one is "TUNED" and one isn't. Obviously the Porsche engine is designed with performance in mind, the current 997 Carrera engine has an 11.3:1 compression ratio, direct injection, and I'm sure it has some pretty agressive cams too. The Ford engine has a compression ratio of 9.85:1, no direct injection, infact it even has a smaller bore than the Porsche engine, smaller diameter pistons, 90.2mm compared to 96mm. The Porsche engine revs a lot higher as well, and makes peak power at higher rpm.
    So which engine sounds more "TUNED" to you, huh you #$%#ing idiot!? Why don't you #$%#ing learn something about cars instead of talking out of your goddamn ass moron?!

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