The price is right. How much in you country?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by M Division, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. Damn that's #$%#ing cheap!

    over here in Belgium:
    320i : 28.35000 Euro = 36.53181 U.S. dollar
    325i : 33.70000 Euro = 43.42582 U.S. dollar
  2. what? You live in China???
  3. Also not available in the US at least... only 325i and 330i.

    A 325i in the US costs 29,995 USD, so like 17k pounds or 25k euros.
  4. A 330i (we don't get the d) costs 48950 euros
  5. This is just the worst thread ever. We obviously have to pick a car that is a lot more common all around the world.

    The new S500? I think that should be pretty widespread.

    Finland: 147 000� or USD 189,424
  7. Also, why don't we use something like a standard Honda Civic?
  8. this thread is trash because we don't have diesels. Everyone has an E350. USe that.
  9. yeah you swedes own us in that department
  10. I think everyone except Norway owns Denmark when it comes to car prices....
  12. Holy shit.
  13. I'm just glad I don't have to pay absurd prices for cars because my government doesn't rob it's citizens of much of their livelihood through excessive confiscatory taxes...
  14. should have chosen the CLK350... every country has that.
  15. They also still sell the 323i here, at least I think they do.

    Edit: Oh wait, I was thinking about the E46. I don't know anything about the new ones.
  16. These were mentioned (pulled the '07 figures from MBs website)

    CLK350 - $46,975
    E350 - $51,325
  17. Thats what you get for not having your own car industry
  18. How about this?

    Acura TL - Manual

    US: 34K USD
    Canada: 50K CDN (which is about 45K USD at the moment) Oh, and add 14% tax.

    Canada's getting hosed on car prices. Plus - if you buy in the US and grey market it to Canada...warantees aren't covered. Complete BS.
  19. Make it simple

    Honda Civic
  20. The only Civic hatch sold in the US is the SI version, the rest of the line are notchback coupes or sedans... try again.

    This is an exercize in futility anyways... anytime you compare what a mfg'r makes for one country w/ what it makes for another country you're comparing apples & oranges. One country may require crash beams in the doors or standard airbags everywhere while another does not... same w/ emmisions equipment, etc.
  21. Just so everyone knows, this is the range of 3ers that are available in the US both for the E46 and E90:

    325i (coupe, sedan, wagon), 325xi (sedan, wagon)
    330i (coupe, sedan), 330xi (sedan)

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