the quickest car in gt3

Discussion in '1998 Nissan R390 GT1' started by Enigma, Aug 10, 2002.

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    Don't you kids want to post your long-winded game reviews on a site dedicated to video games?? Come'on guys, let's stick to reality here...<!-- Signature -->
  2. not counting the formulas but the vipergtsr concept and it will dust any car on a track not counting the test track and the r390 sucks so bad my viper concept would dust that thing
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    The viper is way slower than the the prototype race cars. I even make faster laps with my Tom's Supra than with the Viper Concept. Again, keep playing and win the GT-One Race Car. 1900 lbs, 1300 bhp, huge grip, 270 mph top speed, 10 sec 1/4 mile. I can get low 3:20s on complex string with it.
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    The quickest car in GT3 is the Suzuki Escudo. 1800hp, 450kph.
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    i got a plain old normal viper gts to go 283mph. if my math is correct thats a tad faster then 450km/h.....heres how, stage 3 Tune, racing exhaust, chip, port & polish, balance, stage 3 weight reduction, triple clutch, super light flywheel, racing trans, carbon driveshaft, full suspension, and what the hell, get yourself some good racing tires too! now, lower your car to the max, stiffen your springs as hard as they'll go, set your camber and toe to 0° (dont worry this is just for the test course)...lets see what else, oh yeah, you cant adjust downforce, otherwise i woulda gotten it to 290 at least. but yeah that should do it...the trans as it is will make you hit top speed before the 2k straight is over, so fiddle with the trans(i just used the auto adjuster)....for the record, my escudo doesnt go that much faster then this viper, prolly around 292mph it went. i think my first car to break 300(without the wheelie cheat) will be the team oreca viper, i think its the amateur league prize, if you dont want to shell out 1000000 for it
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    The polypony 001 does 1/4 mile in 8.231 secs (almost 2 secs quicker than gt one)and the complex string first try in 3:12 minutes. I recon i could break 3 mins.
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    tom's supra sucks that car is worthless i have at least 20 cars that will dust tom's supra
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    plus the gt one race car is piece of crap it isnt worth the trouble
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    um, the Mazda 787B will destroy the GT1 Race Car, ok? I have mine set up so it goes 0-120 mph in under 6 sec, about 9 sec 1/4 miles, and it tops out at 235 mph, in the sportiest trans setting, and i raced a guy's GT1, and man, he never had a chance, plus it wieghs 1600 lbs, has 690 HP stock, compared to the GT1's 1800 lbs and 600 hp, and anybody is welcome to challenge my mazda, since the only car that can possibly compete is the R390 race car
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    just stick to talking about actual cars, not ones from a video game
    if ya wanna talk about who car is better in a video game, go to games domain or sumthin<!-- Signature -->
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    GT3 is a gret game but their tuning is a wee bit different from reality. Such you could get the Escudo to get 1880 HP, but this engine is already almost tuned to the safe max, and you would have to rebuild the engine for it every 50 miles you drove the friggin thing, not to mention that it would havt to run like a 90 PSI boost, you would have to inject so much water in that thing just to keep it from Detonating. Most race cars are tuned to the maximum level that they can be reliable, F1 cars are the exception because they are very different than normal car engines.<!-- Signature -->
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    yep the best car in GT3 (not counting formulas) it handles much better than the other cars (like Toyota GT1 & Mazda 787B) & a high endurance tires , i wonder if its like that in real races!
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    The fact is,in japanese games,japanese cars are always the best,but it's nonsense for real cars.
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    True .
    & w/o turbo chargers there wouldent be any Jap racecars around.
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    i got my suzuki escudo to do 338MPH on the test track took me tons of tries but i can't beat that top speed cause my escudo lost some HP (about 60Hp) and that really affects top speed.when i did it i had the tcs and stability manager OFF.i would Max rev during start and just go.its really a fun escudo had 1800 or somewhere in there when i did really need to tune it to go this fav car that i have right now must be my clk-D2 with 700HP+ but it aint the best race car besides my formulas.i don't have any of the le mans cars but id like to know what there like?(calsonic,787ec)my 2nd fastest car was a 1100HP Viper gts and it did 280+mph that wasnt the concept viper.if anyone has gone over 338mph plz post it.
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    ferrari you are so full of shit
    there is now way in hell you got your escudo to do 338 MPH with out drafting and besides the best overall performance car in GT3 is the Mazda 787B
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    you are so full of shit there is noway you got the Escudo to go 338 MPH with out drafting if you want a good overall car win a Mazda 787B
    its in "Like the Wind" Challenge
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    the top speed i got in my GT1 race car was around 1900kmph, on the test track, soft suspesion, low ride height, max downforce on the rear, min down force on the back, fully tuned.
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    I know you video game addicts are eager to spread your opinion, but please, stick to the subject. The subject isn't about GT3, and has no relation to it at all. I play it too, but I would much rather drive a REAL R390 instead of just on a real-life simulation game. I know that if I had a choice between GT3 and a R390, I would choose the...well, you figure it out.<!-- Signature -->
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    Are any of those cars a 4 cylinder? did'nt think so...<!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from webmag16</i>
    <b>Are any of those cars a 4 cylinder? did'nt think so...</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE --> you're not gay, not gay at all
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    ummm guys... time to goes back to reality... wut can we say about the REAL-LIFE R390 GT1 road car...?!<!-- Signature -->
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    yeah, i got the escudo to 300.7 mph, i forget how though, i have it up to 1881 hp and adjusted the auto adjust and final drive to as wide as they,ll go cars got crappy handling, by the way the team oreca probably wont do 300 cant get enough hp or gar ratios wont go high enough.
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    Okay, all of you..... The "fastest" car in GT3 IS the Escudo Pikes Peak. With normal stock setting and the stage 4 upgrade, it goes just under 300MPH. There's an easy way to get around it. I've hit nearly 1500 MPH. Don't believe me?? Try it out, heres what you do..... Go into settings and suspension. Drop the rear end to the lowest and raise the front to the highest. Drop the spring rates to the dead lowest. Now go to downforce....Set the front all the way down, and back all the way up. When you race on the high speed track, back up to almost 1/2 way around the first corner, then take off. Once you reach around 260 MPH, the front end will lift off the ground and you will cruise to around 900-1500 MPH. Its a physics engine glitch in the game, one of the few. Dont say post saying it isnt possible until you try it you skeptics!!
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    i've heard to much about that trick to go really fast in Gran Turismo

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