the ralph lauren car collection video

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    since i first saw the pictures i have been trying to get the full video of the ralph lauren exhibit at the museum of fine arts. So here it is the full video 48 minutes in 5 parts.
  2. he's quite good at owning nice things.
  3. Awesome thanks for posting
  4. I can't even imagine how much that whole collection costs
  5. u can start calculating if u like to!!
    we know most of the prices but there is some cars that are one of a kind and he had them since god knows when so they don't have an accurate money value
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  7. incredible collection, yet all of them look over restored and too perfect. Not my cup of tea
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    i agree with u, but i think he looks at them more as piece of art. i like his taste. there are better cars, more exculsive, and faster, but it shows that he picked these cars becuse of what he can see in them as a designer. this doesnt look like any other super-rich guy collection, all of these cars look like they made to be included in this collection.
    here is another vid of the cars displayed in Paris
  10. Although I love the cars he has in his collection, I have to agree. For example, look at the magnificent Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic he "restored": it no longer looks like the handcrafted automobile of old, it looks more like it was built by robots, with laser-cut parts and seamless welds...
  11. Thats a lot of Polos!
  12. Wow! awesome videos!
  13. "angela..."

    oh another second account
  14. sup suga

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