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Discussion in '1969 Ford Mustang BOSS 429' started by muzzy66, Aug 9, 2002.

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    The Boss 429 was one of the most badass musclecars of the day. But I think it might have been even more appropriate as a Boss 429 Torino. The Mustang's always been for of a sports car, less of a musclecar.
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    Lol, notice how he hasn't said anything back? Gee that 427 Cammer was an awesome engine! 1st-6th in the NASCAR? Fucking hell thats quick! Superbirds are still a good car though, but I agree that they are too heavy, Charger Daytonas were awesome aswell!
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    how could anyone possibly argue with the fact that shelby took the stock 65 fastback, disagreed with it, and turned it into a car worthy of the term racing car

    the handling, braking, speed etc were all upgraded

    thus i would choose a 68 mustang shelby GT500 KR over this any day of the week

    the hertz rental car company actually bought almost 1000 gt 350's which made up something like 40% of the gt 350's sales, people would rent them for the weekend, race them on sunday, win, and return them on monday with hertz none the wiser

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    If you knew anything about muscle cars you would know that the 429 BOSS has the nascar racing engine in it with hemispherical combustion chambers. that would mean that its also a hemi, which explains why people call the motor a twisted hemi. The boss is severly underrated and ive personally seen one stock smoke a stock hemi.
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    you know nothin of what you speak of.

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