the rims?

Discussion in '2007 Ferrari F430 Scuderia' started by BlackendRoseRX7, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. they couldn't have picked a better rim/color for their Scuderia?

    thats disgusting, IMO.
  2. Does it REALLY matter?
  3. No, you're incorrect. The rims look great.

    ... the only things on the car that I think don't look great are the stripes.
  4. The front bumper looks MUCH better than the original piece imo. The Challenge style grille at the rear is a bit funky, though I can't imagine any way they could make it look better given the tail light placement.
  5. The rims are nice, but the gold is a bit much.

    I think it would look a lot nicer with the side mirrors from the 360CS and not the F430 mirrors in carbon trim.

    The back is OMG beautiful. I love the new exhaust placement.

    Lose the stripes.

  6. The rims and stripe probably won't make it into production on most of the cars, they are mostly just there for show.
  7. The rims are the best with the car, but put a couple of turbos on it and make some real power.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. HEK YEAH!
  9. LOL

    That's not going to happen, unless a tuner touches it.
  10. You just don't get it, do you...
  11. Actually the Gold rims accent the darker red very well, the car looks, and will most likely preform incredibly
  12. First off, in order to put "a couple of turbos" on this thing without detonating, you would have to take that sky-high compression ratio and lower it (effectively ruining this car). Novitec could twin-blower it again, but i doubt they will touch this one.

    The car is gorgeous, all it needs is the 360's BBS wheels and no stripes...i'll take mine in silver please
  13. shutup.
  14. and NOS!!!!!
  15. I would like to see the old 360CS stripes on this thing actually
  16. And is it going to have those window cutout flaps like the 360CS' as an option?
  17. If you had any knowledge of Ferrari history, you would know From the time the F1 cars started using alloy wheels until 1998 (I think) the cars were red with gold alloys. I'm sure somebody at Ferrari had that look in mind when the scheme was worked out for this car.
  18. i dont know why people complain about things that are obviously optional, if you dont want racing stripes and gold rims im pretty sure you can order other rims and delete the stripes
  19. i agree, the rim is the only thing am not completely in love with on the car
  20. um, grab any random v8, pump 50psi with a turbo, supercharger or whatever. you will get 1000hp that will last you exactly 10hours. good luck. if you are not joking about that comment of yours than dont even talk about ferrari
  21. you could turbo this without lowering the compression, 11.3 is not high, with 15psi it would still be safe, can even push it to 22psi. but this is a track car. that would be too much power and more things to break. breaking on track day sucks.
  22. To much power?
  23. the wheels might not look good on print (not to me) but they might blow ur socks off in real light or in person. i like the tricolor stripes from the 360cs.
  24. Yet another Turbo monger. One of his kind actually posted on the forum about the Ferrari 250 GTO asking why they didn't put a turbo on it. Pathetic.
  25. These RIMS ARE MAGNESIUM!!! hints their gold luster, they look fantastic with this.

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