The Russia/Ukraine Diaries

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  1. I just type parts of it whenever I'm in the bloody mood. Drawings might be scanned.

    July 27 - 6.35AM

    Goodmorning all of you pathetic citizens rude enough to read this without asking me if you're allowed to.

    It's incredibly late July in the Netherlands, but if you'd think it was February over here, you'd most likely get a lot of people to believe that. That rain's falling like never before and the thermometer is doing its very best to keep the mercury above the 20-mark. And failing to do so eventually.

    So it's good I'm heading to St Petersburg, where 22 degrees centigrade has been predicted. In the shadow. Because there is no sun. But I'll be warm. Jane's been exploring the city for the past 2 days already, so in theory that would save me a lot of walking. If only theories were reality... I just want to tan in parks. But there is no sun. So by the end of this year I'll be so pale that I'm likely to receive a Nobel Prize because I discovered a colour brighter than white.

    So let's discuss something more interesting: I'm flying business class for the first time in my life. And, I mean it, being in possession of such a boarding pass made me one big cock. And it's easy being a cock. All those people around me here? Jerks that delay MY flight. Those asshole that manage to make just sitting down on their seats a chaos as if they're pelgrims nearing Mecca. Can't they just remove all seats and make them stand up? Time = Money and stuff. Alora, when I checked in and received seat 2A, they got all really friendly. Friendlier than I ever witnessed with previous f-off-to-the-back tickets. Clear instructions, happy flight, even excuses for the inconvenience while nothing went wrong. It makes me cocky, but my patient nature remains. Aw mom just texted me. Mo-ooom, can't you see I'm too important over here?!
  2. July 27 - 7.30AM Jus d'cockerange

    So here I sit, being all comfortable and being only one of the two business class people on this flight. The safety belts are covered with leather and I consumed my first glass of jus d'orange already before the plane even started taxiing. I could lay down flat and still have plenty space. In a strange mixture of sadistic and compassionate thoughts, I start to wonder how people manage to sit so bloody close to eachother. I should thank them for providing me enough leg space to sit full-stretched. But I won't, because I'm getting my next drink. And the plane is still standing still. Actually, people are still boarding even.

    July 27 - 8.50AM Mmm.. Food

    Just had breakfast. Countless pieces of bread with pate and, James can be proud, marmalade have been consumed. Cups and cups of coffee and of course jus d'orange. And a few croissants. Oh and a chocolate bar. And yes, the glass was made out of glass, the cup was a real cup and the dishes were definitely made out of metal. Meanwhile, I kinda want to fly economy class again, because having the stewardess ask me every 5 or 10 minutes of I'd like to eat or drink something gets tiresome. Oh god, I'm becoming such a cock. Did I mention yet that my old leather coat is hanging in an actual closet? Time for coffee lol, bai.

    July 27 12.20 About wine, pancakes and more wine

    It's what I just consumed and I can't be arsed to write now. One hour to go until we land, looking forward to the migration forms once again =)
  3. I was going to keep a journal during my travels but I forgot.
  4. I started to as well. Then I was like I have to do this gay shit for 3 months? #$%# that and then wacked it.

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