The Sandwich

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by FORD PINTOS DONT SUCK, May 9, 2012.

  1. Anyone have Wheelmans original recipe for this?
  2. This thread is for me, I will have a look.
  3. I attempted to help you but the search featu no longer works for me apparently.
  4. Most important featu
  5. Where's Wheelman when you need him.
  6. Wheelman is flying high.
  7. He got married. I guess wasn't on the Honey-Do list.
  8. Pffft not even marriage stopped me from posting, soinds like he's whipped by his woman
  9. Did someone call for a Sandwich Artist?
  10. Yeah, tell CR to log on.
  11. She's a vegetarian and will not provide you with an exceptional sandwich.
  12. As soon as timmy stops being "dead" he'll come in and post artisan recipes
  13. Can you provide us with an exceptional sandwich, please,
  14. I'm right here, guys!
  15. I believe they said exceptional.
  16. lets make sandwiches
  17. make him what
  18. a baby
  19. This thread did not achieve what it set out to
    I am upset by this
  20. I don't wanna be a baby
  21. youd be mine and F1LM's baby
  22. it probably had capers and was on brioche
  23. no no, the The Sandwich is just a fried cheese and bacon sandwich designed to give you enough calories that you don't have to eat between 0800 and midnight.

    Just cut some good thick bread, good thick slices of cheddar, and fry some bacon. Bread, cheese, bacon, cheese, bread; and then fry the whole thing in the bacon fat.

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