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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by The Silencer, Sep 13, 2004.

  1. I am on mission so I must be brief.

    I am currently a proffesional assasin , hired by some of the world's most prestigious individuals, and occasional governments.

    I can kill someone with 1 hand in 273 ways.

    I know seven different martial arts.

    Throughout my life I have been educated at the most prestigious of schools and mentored by past profesionals in my field.

    I have registered at this forum to learn the varying degrees of performance driving, for this is a required skill for more and more jobs. I also will visit these forums to attain advice on my automobile purchases, for someone of my proffesional, although not boasting, can acquire a great deal of wealth.

    My accomplice has just finished loading my magazines so I must be off.
  2. Lol what an idiot
  3. Oh , the Sherminator's brother..
  4. Targets Killed: 38 Targets Escaped: 0
  5. lol i love this guy
  6. lools like Mr putin is an assasin.
  7. Only seven? That's weak, I've mastered 19.
  8. haha!!!

    you need hands to kill someone??? n00b, and only 273 ways?? thats weak.
  9. I once killed a guy with a blunt toothpick and a pack of tissues.
  10. nice.

    i maimed someone for life once, with nothing but a marshmallow.
  11. Welcome back Sandy.
  12. I killed a guy by stabbing him in the face with a blt sandwich.
  13. I want to see him post more in this thread.
  14. First Name Malcolm
    Last Name Loface
    Gender Male
    Birthday 8/11/1952(mm/dd/yy)

    what kind of assasin is 52?? my dad could kick your ass and hes 54
  15. I am dearly sorry for the lack of replies, my satellite connection on my laptop would not function from the location I was at. Fortunately I came out of the mission safe and managed to accomplish all tasks.

    So of you may question if I am currently in this somewhat taboo line of profession... but I can assure you I am. I am now freelance and waiting for my next assignment from either the agency or a private employer, so I have some time to spare.

    Feel free to ask any questions about my line of work, although any questions pertaining to my true location and real name will not be answered.
  16. LOL

    if your mission is sucessful why didn't the number change in your sig?
  17. Can you kill FORDFORD?

  18. who is your daddy and what does he do?
  19. Can you kill yourself and spare us the stupidity that you bring to this forum. There are enough of you that already think they know 2 shits about cars. Just stop and leave because it's people like you that are the downfall of what used to be an awesome place!
  20. I could use your services...theres a woman in the us..
  21. I do not seem to understand...
    I came here to develop my knowledge about vehicles, more precisely fast sedans.
    Nowhere in the agreement upon registration did it say that this information is exclusive to a select few.

    In reply to your comment, I do no have enough knowledge, that is why I am here.
  22. Mr. Silencer,

    Do you prefer the tension and excitement of the close in kill, or the patient art of the sniper?

    Also, if you go by the alias of "The Silencer", why don't you find a pic of the MP5K with a silencer, or at least the special briefcase? Here's one for you...

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