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  1. tell me more, I'm a new contractor.
  2. well if the brakes of her SUV could fail on a mountain road..
  3. Is it a brownish Infiniti FX?
  4. es correct !
  5. Consider it done. Wire 500K to my Suiz account, my assistant will contact you regarding this issue.
  6. ha ! 500 000 $ ? Thats too #$%#ing expensive !

    Imsure i can get it done for 10k !
  7. 500K uruguayan pesos, that's like 16K american.
  8. ah thats more like it !
  9. it's "swiss" ;-)
  10. sometimes
  11. ROFLMAO!!!!!

    Post something really long about your childhood or something. And a photo.
  12. I have just arrived at my villa from the firing range so I guess I will relax and digress a bit.

    I cannot tell you these things...
    -place of birth
    -actual age
    -actual name
    -current location

    ... for many obvious reasons.

    As a child I lived in an apartment adjacent to a park. My mother died when I was 6 of breast cancer. This park had a huge impact in my life. Here you could view every facet of human culture. The swings were dominated by larger kids, or got to them thru parental assistance. The slide was used in an orderly fashion, until someone cut to the front and the others idly watched as they must wait an extra turn. I realized life was unfair at that point.

    I must get to my pistol cleaning so I must go.
  13. That would not work.

    Crime scene investigation would eventually find tampered brakes, since brake lines and other brake parts do not usually break during a crash.

    To covertly take someone out with a vehicle, it is better to modify the throttle. If you live on a mountain, or commute on one regularly, this is the best way. A stuck throttle is completely random, and usually in a crash, the engine might catch fire, thus charring internal parts.
  14. how much for that ?
  15. Do you travel? If yes, where have you been? What country/continent are you in currently in (just wondering where the villa is)?
  16. Aren't you Mr putin clone brother?
  17. Uruguayan pesos are worth more than Philippine pesos. That's just sad.
  18. Aren't you the Superbot clone brother?

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