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  1. I do like ghost flames
  2. We just had a small privatEly owned exotic dealer open here. He specializes in used exotics. But lightly used. Has an aventador, f430, R8 V10, murcielago, mp4-12c, a couple of gallardos and the likes. I know him fairly well. I am going to see if he'd be interested in allowing me to do some test drives and reviews. And at least some photoshoots. And I would be more than happy to post them exclusively through this site. I am amateur so don't expect absolute amazing results. But I'm sure he'd be game.
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  3. This sounds great, to be honest. I think actual supercar review OC would be a good pull for traffic hitting the blog. If you do manage to speak to him, let us know what he thinks!

    Are you the only member from your area?
  4. Yes, i believe the closest members to me are chantastic and panzer. 6 and 8 hours away.
  5. Maybe we could offer to advertise for him on the site as a trade.
  6. Damn, alright fair enough!
  7. I'm sure I could do something of the sort but as you've all noticed I'm sure the english language and I dont' get along. all else fails I can put together a list of funnyish stories of folk I've had to deal with over the years. don't know how often I'll be able to put stuff together as well.
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  8. that volvo ended up being in 2 very large peices. so that one didn't pan out. have something else though. pictures when I can figure out who I can get to weld the seat mounts back in.
  9. Sounds like the perfect LeMons car, to be honest.
  10. the volvo or the other car? the volvo was literally in 2 peices up to about the bottom of the doors.
  11. The one that needs the seat brackets welding back in.

    When I imagined a Volvo in two halves, I was thinking front/back, not top/bottom!
  12. What a loss. But get a big slab of meat, tomatoes, pickles and sauce and put together a Volvoburger.
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  13. That's not a problem at all. Is it cool if I pencil you in for maybe something by chance some time in the future possibly? (being as non-committal as possible!)
  14. I could proofread/edit his monkey ass or anyone :p or perhaps do legwork on research. Would be interesting to contribute to something constructive on here like this, even if it were gratis.
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  15. whoa, we have flags now
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  16. _SC_ is online. He's probably working on something behind the scenes.
  17. Everything will probably be run through an editor anyway.
  18. Yeah, because i can't edit my profile, nor can i see my alerts.
  19. Yeah I'm getting the same. I guess it'll be back shortly.
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    funny story, there's a local-ish clothing brand called Fatlace in San Mateo, CA holding an event this Friday. the owner is a BIG Porsche

    i plan on going as i have a few friends going already. i know there's a FB event for it and can share it with you if you wanted someone to cover it. it's regional but it follows the common auto scenes out there (hella flush, drifty things, etc)
  21. Yeah, just saw that, but I'm not American!!!!!!:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
  22. Don't worry, maybe you can find some places in Louisiana where it's still appropriate to be a Francophone as well

    edit: Hippo's Russian now and _SC_ from Bangladesh
  23. Maybe help with editing and such? Or you can help offer a not-so-car-guy perspective sometimes
  24. Something I've found lacking on the interwebs lately is long(ish) form, semi-formalized reviews/opinions/first hand accounts of things. Everything is either a full featured story by an expert in _______, a poorly informed comment on a board somewhere, or just non existent.

    Some mini-morsels, almost letter-to-the-editor style from us members on a variety of generally auto related topics. Not experts who rattle off a bunch of technical details and prattle on about driving dynamics, but bite size opinions from informed but average people. Thoughts from test drives, impressions on newly announced models, experiences with common car mods, having a first go at autocross, blah blah.

    Things like that are also good at funneling people to the sites because a small update shows as new activity/notification/alert just as much as a full length featu does. And at least while things are getting up and running, you're not going to have 2 or more lengthy pieces every week. Also, that would be a good way of getting some people involved who may not be experienced/reliable/consistent enough to really have a regular article, but time to time can contribute a handful of paragraphs without neessarily having to commit to anything

    Also, I would gladly contribute to a SCN sponsored LeMons team, if only for the lulz. Or pay out the nose for some overpriced SCN merch if it helps the more driven folks get out there and produce real content
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  25. Not only that, but how many had the tattoo for years BEFORE being hired??
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