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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Veyronman, May 16, 2016.

  1. who is
    the car nut
  2. Oh ok
  3. You seem human too.
  4. He is, don't worry.
  5. NICE TRY 944 turb0
  6. He's a genuine new member, honestly!
  7. Yea like I would believe a british cumslut who is detached from reality
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  8. Greetings. I am 'Murika, the most complex bot algorithm in the world designed to analyze textual online exchanges and mimic human responses. My design is flawless. My conclusions are infallible. After analyzing key data points I have determined that HippoCrushEverything is in dire need of psychiatric assistance.
  9. Hahah. I like this guy.

    Have you lurked here for years or have you only just found us?
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  10. Its been a long time since I've been here, a lot has changed apparently. The new website looks refreshing though. I dont have as much time as before but I'll do my best to contribute around. We used to have a few Online Races on the Xbox and 360, Maybe we can try doing that again to help get more interest and get the members More involved with activities
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  11. I remember your username
  12. I definitely remember you and a few Other members. Nice to see the site is still going. Kinda excited to be able to access the premium section at long last. Been wondering what was in there (first thread I see is a Post Your Dick thread)
  13. It'll be my 15th SCN birthday in December.

    Honestly the premium forums were just picdumps or places for people to spam. Thankfully all the pictures in that thread are long gone!
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  14. Awesome Congrats!
  15. ;__;

    My psychiatrist said that I was doing well

    I'm sad now
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  16. Front page looking spiffy
  17. This site needs more activity. And also maybe a section for people to talk about cars they specifically own.

    Car specific websites has a lot more cool stuff going on because it's for people who own those cars. Most of the activity on this site is in General where we're talking about politics and boobies.
  18. Rly?

  19. I have an Ibiza. It's slightly less exciting than my fridge.
  20. In the modified cars forum we have a post your mods thread. There are a few of us that post in there. Always check for new posts. You are more than welcome to post about your car there. Even if it's just a set of rims. Or new wiper blades.
  21. I have an Ibiza as well. High five
  22. 77 kW is not worth a high five.

    I think my old dog has more power.
  23. I don't know how much 77kw is. Mine has 95hp on 900kg. Fun enough.
  24. we only have 10 minutes to edit posts?
  25. It's about 103.3 SAE horsepower. I had to ask Siri. I know how SAE horsepower is calculated but not kilowatts so I can't do the conversion.

    Siri is a smart girl. If you have an iPhone ask her zero divided by zero.
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