The slower brother?

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  1. IS the slower (probably less expensive) brother of the C12-s?<!-- Signature -->
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    Hey guys, don't tease on the Zonda C12, before you go teasing on me, do you know why it costs $300,000? and the freak thing has only 389hp? well the Dodge Viper sure has got a 450hp motor, but only costs $75,000, thats a comparison. Well think about it why?
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    The reason that it's so expensive is for one, that it's not being mass produced. Not that the viper is WIDELY produced. But this car, there probably won't be more than 100 in existance, if even more than one. So if you were givin the opprotunity to buy one, you'd have to pay all sorts of exotic taxes too. The components of this car, specifially the chassis, i don't actually know, but they're probably made of a very expensive material. Like in the McLaren F1 the chassis is Kevlar and Carbon Fibre.<!-- Signature -->
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    Why is the Zonda an expensive car?

    Nope, not beacause of its small production units.
    Has anyone here ever seen, drive or even own one of these things. Well I do.

    The Zonda's bodywork does consists of the light weight carbon fiber, like that of the Ferrari F50, and the all new Aston Martin Vanquish, but theres more, the chassis is something else, I'm suprised, the materials used in this car's chassis is made out of materials some I can't even pronounce, most of the components are none of that of a Lamborghini Diablo, none of that of the Aston's, and nothing like a Ferrari. I asked a couple of consultants from Pagani, they said most of the parts are made out of race derived materials, most are made out of that of an F1 car, and LeMans prototypes.

    When I got the C12, I wasn't so impressed with the engine, now I know why its that expensive, alot more than a Lamborghini. Its not as fast either, its limits are more like that of a Corvette ZO6.
    Anyway, its still a great car, to drive, at least I don't have to worry about parallel parking, like in the Lamborghini Diablo, where I had to open my door, and park the darn thing, cause of its lenght, the Zonda is way less shorter, so its a good baby.

    Any other questions? guys? gals?

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    I think that it'd cost a lot more cuz of its
    not-good sales..

    Now, if you owned one of these and someone
    wanted to buy it from you about 20 years
    later, you'd find it worth keeping..<!-- Signature -->
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    You have to know why it costs so much!

    Engine Mercedes – Benz M 120 E 60
    12 cylinder V 60° displacement 5987 cc
    Central carbon fiber chassis.
    Front and rear frame: Cr Mo steel space frame
    Carbon fiber -MD system- body panels

    All at a healthy sum of $280,000, USD. C12 S is $350,000. I heard from someone that, because everyone wants a C12 S over a C12, they are discontinuing the C12. Not sure if this is true.

    The interior is amazing. High-quality. Beautiful. Rare. Reminds me of some of the really nice interiors out there, such as TVR.

    Components are great... it should be easy to see why I am so obsessed with this car... if only I could see one in real life...

    :: Adam :<!-- Signature -->
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    hey look guys, mr. pagani its. a greatdesigner, the car its amazing, y have the chance to drive the car here in argentine and the amg v12 motor its incredible, you with your viper or your impreza looks like a pizza man, whith this exclusive car, th only better thing in this hearth its a lambo.
    goodbyes , hasta la vista tristes..
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    The Zonda C12 is the way it is for a reason. First of all, that dumbass CrusedInferno asks why buy a 300HP C12 for a couple 100K when u can get a 94 viper with 450HP for $44,000...well i'll tell you why: because horsepower does not make the car.

    it tops out at almost 190...a 94 viper might make's 0-60 is barely under 4 seconds...a 94 viper is closer to 4.5 seconds. but the C12 has 150 less HP. well the C12 always weighs considerably less than a viper, so horsepower didn't help it out much.

    it's so expensive because of the process of production. everyone who orders a C12 is personally invited into the Pagani factory. they watch as their car is built COMPLETELY by hand. they choose exterior color, interior color and fabric/leather, all of the options, and can even choose between left and right-hand steering depending on their preference or location. not to mention they own one of only a couple hundred C12s on earth and have a complete factory warranty which brings the car in for repairs at no cost. THAT is why it's so expensive. it earns its value in elegance, power, speed, beauty, and dependability.
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    And of course, don't forget the Carbon Fiber. Carbon Fiber is pretty expensive, but also extremely strong and light.<!-- Signature -->
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    Carbon fibre is extremly light and strong if used right, but incredibly weak if used wrong. Mr. Pagani has tons of experience in composites so he knows how to use them. I heard the chassis was semi monoqoque, not a full monoqoque.
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    The viper uses cheap material, from outside to inside. <!-- Signature -->
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    I agree with with ya brother, it is a pretty sad car and investment, esp if ya can buy a better car with more horse and for less money. so i would think that the pagani zonda is a piece of crap, and it should have never been put on the market.<!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from CrusedInferno</i>
    <b>its a waste of your money 300 hp when you could by a viper 94' for 44,000 usd at 450hp</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->You are an idiot.<!-- Signature -->
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    its not really that slow, it seems like it but when you go behind the wheel it feels like a ferrari...zoom

    i purchased mine at a car show auction for $300,000 Canadian...come to canada for the auctions cuz theyre bomb
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    the zonda c12 is an amsing car ok it rules, i know its expensive, but its still amasing, but the c12-s is better of course<!-- Signature -->
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    You people are so stupid, you judge a car buy how much horsepower it has, and that just shows how ignorant you are...

    A Lotus Elise with (let's say 190 because they do have Elise's with 190) would blow away a Viper on certain tracks...
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    Some of you are missing the goal the creator of the car had. High performance is of course one. The quality of this car is so much better than the majority of cars on the planet. The horses can always be increased if desired, build quality and looks are a little harder to improve upon. The car is so meticulously crafted, the quality jumps out when it is placed next to another. This car is the ultimate in quality and looks.
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    Because the Zonda is made better. Better parts and better looks.
    It is strange the hp is lower than 400 with a good sized v12 like this but that is ok. It just means gas mileage will be better and it will be more streetable on the road.
  20. those people are americans! all they care about is hp, and nothing on anything else, because all the care about are drag races.
  21. omg! i cannot believe that you own a pagani zonda! its the best car in the world!! u r so lucky!!!!!! lol xxx

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