The T20 Cricket WC is starting

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  2. It sux's.

    Aus playing soon or something, I will watch.
  3. bowling shane!
  4. Dont fear.. Kevin Pietersen drops catches. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>

    Dhoni as captain against the Aussies? I dont think so. Maybe Ganguly or Sachin again.
  5. lol German #$%#.
  6. German FTW?
  7. Did you hear?
  8. You've lost me...
  9. Warne says he wants German citizenship so he can play as a local player in county cricket. He would have to give up his Australian citizenship to do so.
  10. LOL WTF...
  11. Seriously.

    England sucked with the willow, Aus might not.
  12. He's doing it for the beer, Mercedes, German hospitality, German nudes, clubbing...
  13. Aus didn't suck.

    It was interesting.
  14. Today's games:

    India- NZ.
    India lost by 10 runs.

    Aus won.

    SA- England
    England still to bat. They're chasing 155 to win.
  15. South Africa beat England
  16. LOL x1million, they lost to ZIMBABWE
  18. And thrashed ENGLAND and BANGLADESH.

    They had an off game, and Zimbabwe actually played half decent. You can't deny the fact that the Aussie team is the best in the world.
  19. And T20 doesn't matter.
  20. Do I hear the Waaaambulance???
  21. What are you calling the wambulance for? Australia are gonna win.
  22. Zimbabwe beat them.

    But ja, I know they'll win.
  23. nobody is crying about that.
  24. Pfft England and Bangladesh. You are proud that Aussie beat nations that are that bad at sport. And still LOL at Aussie losing to Zimbabwe thats shocking, you cant deny that
  25. Very true.

    I hope India don't get into the fina. Hope SA toasts them when they play. I must check which games are on today.

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