the taillights

Discussion in '2006 Ferrari 575 GTZ' started by ryan117, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. are 612 headlights
  2. hah, I was just about to say the same
  3. if i saw it on the street, i would wonder which is the front, and which is the back, you would only have to look inside though
  4. Not many cars drive with the exhaust pipes forwards. Free hint.
  5. i dont think you've thought this through
  6. i dont think you've thought this through
  7. ok, and the headlights are 612 headlights too. thats #$%#ed.
  8. The taillights are awesome
  9. LOL, i know. lazy designers or bad designers?
  10. bad designers who ran out of creativity?
  11. i think the overall design of the car is awesome...why the hell did he get lazy on something as simple as the tail lights...i mean what kind of designer puts so much work into a beautiful body like that then gets lazy on something as easy as the tail lights...he could have used simple round corvette style tail lights and it would look better...but i still think this is an awesome looking car (minus the stupid tail lights)
  12. They appear similar but they definately look like they're a slightly different shape. If you look at the rear shot and compare it to the premium head-on shot (the other isn't working for me) then you can clearly see they differ slightly in shape.

    I think this qualifies as a 'design-theme' rather than being a 'multi-use part'.

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