The thing about long hair

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  1. Gay people dont have pubes
  2. bit a of wordy response.

    People can be whoever the #$%# they want to be, and I can be annoyed by whoever I #$%#ing want to be.
  3. it's not a homophobic thing at all, like you seem to think

    he pokes fun at me for talking about my gf as well

    you do allude to the fact you are gay every other post, it's annoying, you are getting called out for it. suck it up and stop having your homo queen temper tantrums
  4. not that much really

    i was pretty developed for my age when i was a kid so they'd get a clobbering if they said anything
  5. Clobbering
  6. i do. lots of them.

    i've had no need to trim for a long time.
  7. Astonishing. All the gays i know hate any type of bodyhair.
  9. Are you not aware of the existence of bears?
  10. I shaved my chest once. I think I made a thread about it actually. Never doing it again. Pubes should be trimmed not shaved.
  11. shaving is scary
    do not want blades near scrotum
  12. It is scary. But smooth balls feel AMAZING.
  13. and then the hair starts to grow back and your ballz is itch like hell.
  14. Having shaved my balls once, at no point did it feel amazing.
  15. You did it wrong.
  16. I do enjoy the smoothness when I shave mah balls. But its a special treat that I do a full bald shave. Maybe once a year.
  17. if I touch myself, I'm not touching my balls

    as for the women, I'm always trimmed, never had a complaint
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    theyre not gonna tell you

    they tell they grlfriends
  19. you don't touch your own balls?

  20. the worst thing about shaven balls is that they stick to your legg because they sweat like whoa. makes you feel like you peed your pants.
  21. If you have problems with your hair going in your ass when showering you have failed at having long hair. I've had it since forever and never had to deal with that.

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