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  2. just wonder if it does make sense to compare cars this way and to continue with it?
  3. thats a totally useless measurement...
  5. the CCXR makes the others look so dull it's incredible, love that pic.
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  7. It actually looks completely retarded in that pic, especially that gay wing.
  8. I'm not going to lie, but I'd have either of these other 4 cars over it. I thought it'd be a bold statement concerning the Corvette, but I really think I'd rather have that too.
  9. lol

  10. Adding the numerical figures of torque (in lb/ft) and power (in hp) and calling the result "total power" makes almost as much sense as saying that 5 apples and 7 lions make a grand total of 12 mexicans.
  11. It's about as relevant as hp/l...
  12. #$%#in lol
  14. You make me hate that car.
  15. #$%#ing lol, truth
  16. the koeniggssegg ccxr ediition is the fastest car in the world with it's 5.0L twin rotex supercaharged V8 putting out 1004hp!!!!!!!!! and that's incredable and the buggatti veyron's qaud turbo W16 look's weak compareded to the koenigssegg the veyron's engine is twice the size as the koenigssegg ccxr edition's and the veyron put's out 1001hp so the veyron's W16 doesnt seem very powerfull seeing you get more power out of the koenigssegg's V8.
  17. man, are you wrong
  18. the hennessy viper has more horses with is V10 than the vayrons V12
  19. Ys know its called 16-4 for a reason.
  20. man, you got trolled
  21. 16 cylinder V12 right?
  23. ZR1 now gets beaten by the Zonda R with 1293 in total (739bhp/524 ft-lb) <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  24. You re kidding right? ... 16 cyl, 4 turbos, W configuration not V....
    Knowledge like that you can look up in a new place called the internet...

    Makeing a +1000 Hp enigne is NO big deal. Any car company can do that. We have had 1000 hp Supras a decade before en WV 16-4 was born...
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