The toyota 2000GT

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  1. is one of the most beautiful post-war japanese cars ever made

    discuss it.
  2. Was introduced to this by GT4, love it.
  3. Best Toyota ever.
  4. i want one sooo bad. it is one of my lifes goals to see one. or even sit in one.
  5. if Toyota sitll made such beautiful, desirable cars I might be hating osme other company instead.
  6. amen to that.

    here is the carroll shelby 2000GT
  7. I'd love to someone make replicas.. With Supra motors and Lexus V8s.
  8. Fact. I know about it since GT2
  9. thats what everyone says. However imho it will never be the same as the original.
  10. Best looking Japanese car ever.
  11. Good enough for James Bond, good enough for me.
  12. No, this is undoubtedly the most beautiful Japanese car peroiod.
  13. Truthness. Nothing even comes close.

    Of course, it was styled by a European, and is one of few Japanese cars to have been...
  14. Truth... if Toyota decides to build a tribute car for this, they better not make it look as retarded as the FJ Cruiser, that visual insult to the original FJ40 Landcruiser.
  15. well datsun did have one of thieir cars designed by pinaferara(the ferrari body maker)
  16. The engine itself is awesome, a 2.0 liter inline 6.
  17. Yes, the 240Z is good, but even remotely as good-looking as this. And it's Pininfarina, and even though it has built most Ferraris, it is not the Ferrari body maker. It also does work for other companies.
  18. the front and rear end is ridiculously good looking,
  19. Niether are the replicated Shelby Cobras, but they still make em.
  20. this is the only good thread you've ever made
  21. Am I the only one who is not too fond of it's styling?
  22. yes <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>
  23. They did? Which one was that?
  24. dont remember which one, it was on an episode of redline tv or something on spike, where these two twins went in to check out a datsun museum and steve millen as well as Adam Corolla was on it.
  25. are they like super rare now?

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