The Ugliest car ever...

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by burning, Dec 30, 2004.

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    I know its strictly not euro, but its the same car as the Saab 9-6X, and i knew more people would see it here. This is the ugliest thing i have ever seen, it seems to take all the worst parts of current SUVs and joins them together. DAMN. I hope the Saab looks a little better than this Subaru monster. Pity, cos Scooby doo have been pretty kind to their cars recently.
  2. that's ugly indeed
    back reminds me of that alfa romeo SUV drawing
  3. Aztek is still uglier
  4. Aztek is still uglier indeed.

    But I can see the guy who designed this car had some lack of knowledge of how to design. The rear lights just don't feet with the car. They're outlandish.
  5. really ugly toureg
  6. ugly and those new grilles dont help at all
  7. Thats begging to be aborted
  8. It looks like a pig from the front.
  9. I agree
  10. How can they accept to produce a car that looks like that?!? Cmon! I have no talent in drawing and design but im quite sure i can do better than that. It looks more like a minivan than whatever it called. Its like a mix of a Sienna and a Murano with some ugly lights.
  11. it's UGLY. i don't think anyone would buy it
  12. That thing is guarenteed to fail.
  13. why? how can people look at even a drawing of that and say 'make a prototype'. I dont get it.
  14. The Renault Thalia is UGLY... that or some korean piece of S%&#
  15. Naa... there was a 2dr, 4wd turd from Suzuki like 10 years ago that's uglier than all of these. Head stylist must have been a spastic 2-yo w/ a crayon.
  16. For Subaru this is pretty #$%#ing ugly. How can they go from something cool like the WRX Sti to something as butt ugly & Volvo XC90-ish as this?

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