The ultimate sports car???

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  1. The Mclaren F1 has been considered the ultimate street legal car for ten years now.It still has the best power-to-weight ratio for any production car and it is a lot more user-friendly than many super cars of its class like the Lamborghini Murcielago and Ferrari F50.So I wonder if the Bugatti 16/4 Veyron can surpass the Mclaren in both overall performance and comfort.It is probably much heavier than the Mclaren but the 4 wheel drive system should give it advantage in handling.And from what I have heard,this Bugatti is as luxurious as a Mercedes-Benz S600.
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    i agree maybey the 16/4 veyron is going to surpass the McLaren , but will it have the kenwood light weight subwoofers the McLaren has? well maybey sound aint as important as performance but any i think this does have potential , i mean i 16 cylinder quad turbo to 1000 horse and does a topspeed of over 400 km/h nice isnt it? and not to mention the 4wd system
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    Actually, the sound system in the Bugatti is probably at least as good if not better.

    "Inside, a hi-fi system from Dieter Burmester was specially designed for perfect audio fidelity. The best possible component layout was agreed upon with Bugatti when the monocoque bodyshell was under development."

    That's from the main text below the pictures. I've also read the same thing elsewhere.
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    It's got some original curves no doubt... but how will it handle?
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    The way you describe it sounds awsome!
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    Awsomely, plainly said.
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    No, its the ultimate "LUXURY" car. With a side order of great performance, that isnt to be anymore, its getting detuned to 650hp when its sold, damn...
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    its going to have a limiter on it, yes but that can be easily removed.
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    Not easily, it costs a shitload for bugatti to do it for you, and would you trust anyone else than a certified bugatti person working with a car like this uf you had one?
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    u guys should hear the engine start! F**K it's mean!!!! (probably about 85 Decibells, or how eva u spell it)
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    most probably more than that!
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    I hope your not suggesting that you've heard it. Your only 14 according to one of your posts and if you've seen it at a show they don't start them there. Have you seen a video? If you have let me know which one.

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