The Volvo 850 can kick all cars asses, especially this one's!

Discussion in '1988 Callaway Sledgehammer Corvette' started by 5CylFurry, Jan 10, 2003.

  1. Why do people constantly argue about the lower class cars when everyone knows what the true king of the road is, my Volvo 850. It's been my project car for over 2 years now, and i'm just now putting on the finishing touches. The car is such a sleeper, the body is almost completely stock except that I had to modify the engine bay to fit the Viper engine. That's right, i dropped a V10 viper engine into a Volvo, i would have to say i'm the first to have done that. I chose the V10 over the ls6 because it responds easier to mods, especially with the turbo setup i'm running. Thats right, turbo. I have a single turbo running 30psi, obviously with an upgraded intercooler from the stock 850 turbo. The engine has been bored and prepped for the large amount of boost i'm running in my setup, as well as the nitrous i've got installed. The drivetrain has also undergone extensive modification, due to the extreme torque. Simply put, the car is a beast. I have not had a chance to dyno it yet, but my current estimates are over 800 rwhp, all in a street legal setup. In short, my VOLVO will destroy any corvette, and the only which would give it any competition at all would be the sledgehammer.

    I can't release all the specs yet, as the project is still quite a secret. I believe its a given I can't show pictures just yet, so have patience. I'm sure you're all drooling right now. It will give you something to look out for, not that you'll be able to tell without looking closely. Unfortunately, I'll be off in the distance before you can even put your vette into 2nd.

    I'll look forward to any challenges, not that you peons will be able to offer any up without extensive modding of your own. I'll leave the rabble to argue amongst themselves now.

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