The world's sweetest car

Discussion in '1995 Ford GT90 Concept' started by EliteWolverine, Aug 9, 2002.

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    Well, you're not welcome, so dont bother comming back.

    Ummmmm, the TVR performed like sh#t this year in the 24 Hours of LeMans. Chevy blew their asses out of the race.

    See, you have understanding something about a car manufactor before talking sh#t. The GT90 was Fords attempt to build a supercar after being absent in that field since 1967 when they won the 24 Hours of LeMans their second time in a row. After that, Ford lost interest in competing in the supercar market for the next 30 years. Then out of the clear blue sky, Ford decided they wanted to build a supercar again. So out came the GT90 with its quad turbo 750 horsepower V-12 engine. Instead of making fun of Ford for having to use forced induction to get a lot of horsepower out of a V-12, why not give them some credibilty or at least say good try. Up intill 1996, Ford has been out of the game for about 30 years. Of course its not gonna be as good as some of them European models who've been in this game for a hell of a lot longer than Ford. But it was a damn good attempt after being absent for nearly 30 years.
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    Its a matter of oppinion.
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    agreed. My favorite car is the Toyota Alessandro Volta concept car. Hybrid Car with 400 HP. If they make it, it could become one of the most important cars in automotive history. Plus it looks cool
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    Noone loves Aston Martin more than me, but IMO, the Vanquish is gettin a bit out-dated. If they get the long overdue power boost, then I'll love it even more than I do now.
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    Well, I would gladly give ford credit if theire attempt was creditable.
    The GT40 was a fantastic car. I can't fault it and my perfect garage there would be one of them sitting in pride of place.

    Chevvy are an incredibly large comapny compared to TVR. For TVR to even do as well as they have done with their minute funding is a credit to their company. And i wasn't comparing the TVR to the Chevvy. I was comparing it to this thing.

    Now onto the main point, Ford have made some great cars... the GT40 was what 40 odd years ago. Where can the company go wrong in that time ? i dont see how their skill / style can go down in 40 years of engineering experience.

    I will gladly give ford credit where credit is due.

    Again with the new ford GT, That is a lovely piece of engineering. I think its a great credit to theri company. So don't go making out i'm a simple "it's ford i hate it" person.

    I am entitled to think this car is a piece of crap. Just because you don't agree don't tell me i'm not welcome.

    In regard to this car i still think it's terrible. It looks terrible and it's engineered terribly. overheating, forcing them to use space grade metals. Such low power out of a quad turbo V12. A company with their money, manpower and techincal expertise can do much better. Fact.
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    i think the car is not fords best work, and it is by no means the worlds sweetest car. in regards to ford not attempting super cars over the late 1960's early 1990's period, see the ford gt70. sure it has a big powerful engine, but what does that mean? ford can engineer 4 turbo's to an engine, the engine also has problems with overheating. considering the experteese and experience of the ford company with all types of racing and performance cars, you would think that many of the basic problems with this car could have been solved relativly easily. As to the style of the car, i dont like it, it was supposed to capture the essance of the gt40 race car and bring it up to date. But as a GT40 fan and a fan of performance cars of all types i just dont think it gets close to realising that ideal. can someone please tell me what is so sweet about it and why it deserves to be called the worlds sweetest car?
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    It isn't fact that its the worlds sweetest car. Some people just think that.
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    I agree. What some people call the worlds sweetest car, is the worlds shittiest car to others. What some people call the worlds shittiest car, is the worlds sweetest car to others. The GT90 is one of my favorite cars, but not the very best one that I like. If I had to choose, it would be a toss up between a the Enzo and Saleen S7.
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    out of those 2 id pick the Saleen, but thats just me
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    And who knows. Maby in a couple of years, I'll have another car thats my favorite and it replaces the Enzo or Saleen.
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    well I am going to go out on a limb and venture a guess of you have no clue what the hell you are talking about.
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    i know this was like 20 pages ago but that 4 year old couldn't make it anywhere close to reliable. and more hp would of made it almost imposible.
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    HEllo, read the motor trend article. this this IS detuned. The designers themselves said low boost on purpose for rock solid reliability. With MEDUIM boost, it easily acheives 900HP. Lets see, divide that... 450hp out of a TT 6. wow...nice power there :)
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    first ford could boost up to 1400 hp if they tuned the turbo boost correctly, but that would make it non-street legal and therefore have no use. And also the lingenfelter Is SUPED-UP which means better parts for the car and better TIMINGS. If this thing had a v-8 with twin turbo it could boost 900 hp by tuning the boost. get it?
  15. nice design, but still the Dauer or McLaren owns all

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