The world's sweetest car

Discussion in '1995 Ford GT90 Concept' started by EliteWolverine, Aug 9, 2002.

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    This car wil be in production within the next five years, my uncle works for Ford and is trying as hard as he can to produce this car soon. The triangle brake lights are odd but nifty and way ahead of our time.
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    I don't think the headhonchos at Ford or going to give to ones persons request <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    why does everyone keep mentionaing that this car is a quad turbo V12 and complaining about its power production??? does a car really need to be tuned so much to be good??? its a v12 with 4 turbos...true...and 720hp does seem small for what the engine is, but everyone talks about the power output as if its the maximum that this engine can pump out...has it ever occurred to anyone that maybe its not the maximum power output??? for example, the jaguar supercharged 4.0L V8 XKR, it produces, im not sure, around 350hp between 300hp and 350hp i think...u would think that a V8 with asupercharger would produce much more, u r right, it can, but its a matter of not needing that much power...why tune the hell out of an engine to get an extra 20hp when the car performs the same or well enough without that extra 20hp? odds are, if fully tuned, this GT90 could produce greater power, possibly in excess of 1000hp, but the fact is, it is not needed...not on the road, not on the track...possibly on the 1/4 mile...but torque also plays a great part in that...anyways...u want power? buy a batmobile...this GT90 looks ok...not good, not bad...ok...unlike the batmobile which kicks ass...
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    Yes a very nice car and who wouldnt want a V12 Quattro turbo charged engine
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    This car is the best car ever designed besides the Copperhead.
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    I Have Some Same Pics And Some Different, It Stinks that they dont make this for sale.
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    For 4 turbos ford didn't get that much power into this. 750 HP is a lot but still 4 turbos. There are cars with 0 turbos that have more Hp than this.

    Look at this bad boy

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    I'm sorry my retarded friend but Ford,GM,Dodge.....any American small business will NEVER send a beauty of a beast like this one to a japenese auto maker so that they can pull out it's heart and put a 3 cylinder 30 mpg barely gets to 30 mph engine in it. I'm sorry if Ford won't let your gay friend destroy the ultimate in intimidation.
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    we, european, we made a supercar drivable and that u can buy...
    bugatti veyron 1001 horses, 4 turbos, 0-300 kph 13 secondes...
    any questions??
    gt 90 was THE american supercar...sorry to say that usa is now far away in question of car production...
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    I wouldn't be surprised if you get your copy and paste ass banned for posting this 7 times under one forum. Not to mention, all the world's largest automakers are in the United States. The American supercar now is the GT40. HAHAHA, The new GT40 has only 8 cylinders and a single turbo to produce 500HP. For bugatti, they need twice as many cylinders and 4 times as many who's pathetic?
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    gt 40 is also out...and if ford sells cars it only because in the us you have enought american stupid consumers in order to buy american shitty cars....WRONG!!maybe Cuba also, but they dont have the choice...moouhahahaha
    gt 40 is still not comercialised...
    cmon you must agree all supercars comes from europe...pagani, ferrari, edonis, koenigsberg, mc laren...etc etc...and all these cars beats the gt 90 finger in the nose...(french expression means easily...)gt 40's not your fault, it's just the only very small supercar your country you hang on your dream, but no future sorry...
    and dont talk about your bloody viper, it sucks...look the last 24h of mans, bentley and audi were the leaders...the only future for the viper is to become the safety car!!!mouhahahahahaha!!!
    and last word jaguar sells less cars because it owned by ford and now you have plastic everywhere inside...
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    This car owns nothing. It looks like a box with a lot of edges.
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    does anyone know if they actually dyno'd this car's engine, cuz a 360ci v-12 w/ 4 turbos is gonna put out, at bare minimum, 800-1000 horses, & unless they actually road tested it, all the stats are theoretical; i just need to know more
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    as for the styling, i think if a european car company designed this car, no one would have a problem with it.
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    as for the styling, i think if a european car company designed this car, no one would have a problem with it.
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    I think people have a problem with it b/c it can beat the car of their dreams in a race, and it comes from a company that makes the escort. They call it crap is b/c they're upset that a company that they don't like makes it.
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    This car sucks
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    this guy just proved ur point!
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    This is a beautiful car. This is a fast car. This is not a technologically advanced car. The engine only put out 375 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque naturally aspirated. 4 turbos at 8 psi give 345 hp to the 6.0L. It is just 2 duratec V-6's welded together. A real supercar should put out at least 500 hp naturally aspirated. Lower the boost a bit and you can still easily put out, 750 hp. Don't get me wrong, I love this car. This was the car that made me love cars. I just wish Ford put a little more effort in to it, then we may have seen a production version.
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    Some of these European retards think that Ford is the worst automaker in the world and that all their cars are crap and nobody likes them when they dont realize that Ford was the top selling car company in Europe(European car magazine August 03) and still is on of the top companies so obviously people do like Fords. I just think that theyre pissed off still that their beloved Ferrari got showed up by a Ford V8 in Le Mans. As for this car they left it at 700hp because that was a safe rating, anything higher could have screwed up the car(but it could pull over 1000hp).
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    wish i could own it
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    v12 and quad turbo wow that the way to go! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    Once again, the lowly haters slither from their holes and talk trash inspired by a "reefa haze". Anyway, Ford makes some of the best family haulers in this country... and of course in europe. By the way, a pagani zonda S or an edonis in street trim could not match the performance of the gt90. It would beat them both foot in the ass..(american expression meaning foot in the ass). Also, the saleen s7 is the fastest american car made, and matches the enzo in accelleration and accually beats the mclaren's old record. As for the may be a big-hearted monster, but it's a killer race car. It won the 24 hrs of daytona and made first in class in the le mans. Also, the audi and bentley cars are PURPOSE-BUILT, meaning race car only, not modified like the viper gts-r. Let's see an rs6 or any fancy bentley limo beat a racing viper. As for jaguar(and aston martin), they still produce kickass cars like the jag s-type r, the xk8 and r, the xjr, and the aston martin v12 vanquish. Ford will only get better, and all you can do is grit your teeth and watch mondeos and pumas pass you left and right.

    And...last word...Me thinks your sentence structure somewhat......moouhahahaha!!!

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    #$%# you it's the GAYest car in the world, to like it you have to be a homo, by the way, i came over last night and your mom sucked my cock while i ate out your sis
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    yeah, talk about obvious; THE LINGFELTER VETTE HAS 57 MORE CUBES! not that im puttin that car down, but hp=hp. it doesnt matter how u get it as long as its there & its in a lightweight car. everything ealse is a variable. so i say, if a quad turbo v12 puts out 120 hp/l, its not much to complain about when u consider its displacement!

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