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    The M3? Carrera? Get real. Considering it matches the 911 turbo and 360 modena in nearly every category, I don't think your comparisons were very accurate.
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    this car is a masterpiece. it really shows the ppl who say " pushrods are ancient " blah blah blah
    to those ppl, have a read up on the development of engine, its a good read.

    after u have read it u will realise why they used pushrods
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    First of all, the M3 and Carrera comparisons were drawn in relation to that imbecile's use of the GT2 in comparison to the Z06. Nonetheless, an M3 or a Carrera will show a Z06 the door when placed in contention on a circuit. Is that such a hard pill to swallow? Yes, the Z06 is faster in a straight line, but that doesn't detract from the fact that every piece of tarmac, road or racetrack, has corners, nor does it forgive that the Z06 is a cheap deathtrap anyway. If the Z06 was so great, wouldn't it be considered a true supercar, just like the 911 Turbo and the 360 Modena? I can't see that happening too soon...fortunately, the world isn't completely full of idiots.
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    Oh, you didn't read the C&D article where the 2002 Z06 ran the EXACT SAME TIME through the same road course on the same day as the Porsche 911 turbo? Or perhaps that the Z06's handling has been praised by nearly every magazine?

    The Z06 is a cheap death trap? It's become obvious the you've nothing to back your "opinion" other than biases.

    I'll be believe your claim when you actually use some proof to back it up (in the mean time, feel free to use common sense as well.)
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    Corvette z06 is indeed a very fast car, but its handling doesnt really compare to that of an NSX or a GTR V Spec now does it?
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    Yeah and they think they have fast cars well we got fast cars at a cheap price cant beat that!
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    The Z06 has already been track tested against the 996. Done by R&T at Laguna Seca. The Z06 beat the Carrera (and the NSX which was also a part of the test).
    The Z06 has already been track tested against the M3. Done by Motor Trend around Streets of Willow. The Z06 beat the M3 (and the Boxster S which was also a part of the test).

    Khari is right. Not only did the Z06 match the 996TT's time around the twisty road course section of the track in this year's C&D Supercar Challenge, its quickest road course lap time was over half a second quicker than the 996TT's quickest. Now, what's this BS about the Z06 not being able to handle?
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    Stereotyping often clashes with facts, as in this case. If you were interested in facts, you'd be saying the opposite. The M3 and 911 are close to a standard C5 on a circuit, but not a Z06. The Z06 has beaten the 996tt by 2 sec on atleast 2 different circuits. It has also beaten the 360. Two of those tests used a 2001 spec Z06, which has 20 hp less than a newer Z06. Before you go talking about the drivers, Porsche chose the driver for one of those tests. They chose Hurley Haywood. If you don't know who he is, then you don't belong in this debate. Hurley Haywood also drove the 996tt when it tied the Z06 on a circuit. Who's the idiot now? What's up with that deathtrap remark? Do you have a link with safety data?
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    In my opinion, the Vette is the best American sports car, excluding the GT40.
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    Yeah this AshenShadow guy doesn't know what he's talking about he just doesn't want to except the fact that the Z06 can beat many cars that cost 2 times the price, what will it take to beat the Z06 3 or 4 times the price?!?!?!?!?!?! And one more thing I think the Z06 would be considered a supercar.
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    The Corvette Z06 is a Very beautiful car made with all of Chevy's Love. This is indeed a world class sports car that has to be reckond with, no doubt about that. Just there are some ingorant nut sacks out there that chooses not to acknowledge that. I try my best in trying to be neutral. Wether is a Hyundai or a Rolls Royce. I just admire that beauty with in.

    \m/ *rock on*
  13. Viva la C5 chassis!!

    God bless whoever designed the C5 chassis. The Corvette Z06 is a testament to her predecessors. Thank you GM for making a car that American dreams are made of. The Vette Z06 is an engineer's wet dream. Anyone who critcizes this car should be stoned to death. Usually people who talk bad about this car are so-called "import fans" who are incredibly ignorant and have no room to talk, usually because their own cars are ridiculously painted, Euro-lens equipped and massively winged commuter cars, who have nothing better to do than cut the springs on their mother's EG Civic in order to pass it off as a lowrider or something. Honda rules??? I beg to differ. Next time Honda wins the LeMans, they can give me a call. Otherwise, Chevrolet will continue to dominate the world circuits with the C5 chassis, leaving everything else in the dust (sans F1 cars and LMP900 cars). I don't blame the Japanese for making such piss-poor cars. Their lagging economy really shows on cars such as the Supra (RIP), the RX-7 (good riddance), and the Skyline (see my quote on the RX-7). Haha. Japan, I am challenging you to come up with a real contending sports car, that is reasonably priced (No NSX's. No one can afford those). And how is an H-car supposed to compete with a car that is meant for track killing? Hmm...a 1.6 litre versus a 5.7 litre behemoth. In this case, displacement rules, though it is not the best solution. But hey, the Vette is an American icon, and I wouldn't expect anything less than a 350 CI variant. The Corvette Z06 is a monster, no matter where you take it. And you can always rely on Chevrolet to keep the Corvette well engineered, as it always it, whether it be the C5 chassis or the C5^10000000. Down with import influence!!!!!!!! up with American muscle!!!!!! God bless America. We love our cars!!!!!! We love our engineers!!!!!!!!!
  14. The Z06 is incredible

    The Z06 is the Ultimate Corvette. I mean with 405 HP and gears ratio well placed this car believe me can go 0-60 mph in 4 seconds. The moment you put the pedal to the floor you are push into your seat with a big G pressure on yourself. The Corvette Z06 that we tested was the 2002 Red with chrome mags model. We've reached a top speed of 308.95 km/h so it's around 184 mph.For a Corvette that's very nice. If you got enough money to buy a C5, you better go with the Z06 if you want maximum performance and style.
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    One problem: the supertuner challenger was played out on a wet track. The Hennessey Viper ran a 12.4 quarter mile during that test, but has run 10.7 seconds in another test on the stock Michelin Pilots. Even the Autothority Porsche with 720hp managed only an 11.8 quarter-mile time despite much more power than the GT2 and AWD. Despite all this, the Lingenfelter still took first.

    It would appear you do indeed own that article, yet you've never seen the Z06 match the time of a 911 Turbo (other thread)? It's only a few pages past the 10,000HP Shootout. As to the GT2's lap around nurburgring, I could have swore the R500 was ahead of it but I'm not sure.
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    Your wish is my command

    Black Widow ZR1 4 valve, 32 cam, 475 hp, 50 state legal, or 525 hp race ready (lotus wasnt satisfied with only 400hp)
    Read the following

    Want a convertible version....

    They wanted to produce it, but GM said no! Thus the less desirable Z06 came to be, same 1/4 mile, but the black widow would have pulled away if they continued racing.

    The black widow would've had the same presence on the street that the L88 vette's had.
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    I never once said the Lingenfelter Vette matched the Autothority Porsche's time through the road course. If you truly did own the magazine you would simply be able to flip to page 62 to see an article entitled "The Stocker" in which a Z06, a Porsche 911 Turbo and a Viper GTS ACR were tested. The Z06 was driven by John Heinricy, the Turbo by Hurley Haywood, and the Viper by C&D tester Larry Webster. Here's the results seeing you can't seem to find it, even though it's only 2 pages after the 10,000hp shootout:

    Porsche 911 Turbo:

    1/4 mile: 12.9 sec @ 115mph
    Road Course: 57.7 sec
    150-to-0 braking: 684.3
    Total course time: 109.3


    1/4 Mile: 12.8 sec @ 114mph
    Road Course: 57.7 sec
    150-to-zero braking: 702.6 mph
    Total course time: 110.04

    And there you have it, the two fared EXACTLY the same through the road course. Please tell me if you find anything else I say misleading.

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    The R500 isn't based on the Lotus 7, but rather a direct descendant of it, as Caterham bought the rights from Lotus. Lotus replicars would be companies such as Westfield.

    The list I have places the R500 behind the Gemballa GTR biturbo (which ran an amazing 7:32), but the GT2 isn't on my list, which is why I was inquiring about its times. Both links you posted stated that it held the record for stock production cars, but neither mentioned the actual time. Do you have a link mentioning a lap time?
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    Actually I merely said it was in the 10,000 hp shootout issue (I don't even refer to the article as the supercar challenge), which is hardly misleading. I had also mentioned the drivers piloting the 2 cars. Either way, the Z06 did indeed match the 911 Turbo through the road course, and that's what matters.
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    7,46 = 160 km/h 2001 Porsche 996 GT2, Horst von Saurma, Sport Auto 2001.
    7,47 = 160 km/h 2001 Porsche 996 GT2, Walther Röhrl, 2000.
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    After finding that page I realized that the GT2 was indeed faster than the R500. It never truely was my intent to prove that the R500 was faster, and am actually quite pleased with the results I found. The car that impressed me the most, however, was the Lamborghini Murcielago, which also bettered the R500 (although it might have been the result of track configurations as you said.)

    You raised an interesting point on it being a 2001 GT2 being tested while it was an 02 Zonda, however keep in mind that the Zonda C12-S 7.3 is indeed marginally faster than the one tested as well. In the end it could have well came down to track conditions. I think it won't be long before neither hold the record, as I hope to see the Dauer 962 LM Porsche tested on the Ring sooner or later, as well as possibly the Veyron or the Enzo (whether Ferrari will ever let their precious Enzo be over exercized on a track like Nurburgring is questionable though). The Carrera GT, on the other hand, will certainly take the record if none of the other cars I mentioned are tested however.

    Honest? Me? Perish the thought. If I did indeed refer to it as the Supercar Shootout or whatever, I apologize. I see no reason to argue over something so petty.
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    I think the Veyron's straight line speed alone would make it nearly unbeatable, but I'm getting the distinct feeling it's going to turn out an over-powered luxo-cruiser aimed at old people. Either way, 1000hp is nothing to take lightly, and would probably put up a remarkable performance.

    As for the Enzo, it will never see Nurburgring (at least that's what I'm seeing now). There are doubts about there ever being true magazine testing on it, never mind the 'Ring. Ferrari seems to have certain inhibitions when the talk turns to sending their top model cars to the track. The F50 never seems to have found its way there, and ditto the F40. Amazing isn't it, considering how talked up the abilities of those cars are?

    I've heard bits and pieces about the Porsche Cayenne but I've never really payed attention. Admittedly I was one of the people who scoffed at a Porsche SUV, but I'm beginning to take a liking it now (although I still admit to hating SUVs with a passion).

    You wouldn't happen to be a Porsche fan would you? <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    2002 Noble M12 GTO-3
    3000 cc , 253.5 kw / 340 bhp , 340 ft lbs
    1050 kg / 2315 lbs
    $40,000 0-60 3.6

    this is a complete car. not a kit car. 3 litre ford engine.
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    It is king and ruler of my @ss.
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    how bout the veyrons claimed 1.2gs of grip? thats a tasty number


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