Their factory burnt

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  1. Their factory burnt down, I think there is only one. They saved most of the cars. I tried to read more information about it, but all that came up was swedish, does anyone know how to translate?
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    sorry, no
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    I can translate, but I think TVRTuscanS's link got most of it.

    Anyway, the biggest Swedish morning paper had this

    and it translates to (sorry for my bad english, it's not my native language and I'm in a hurry):

    Sports car factory totally destroyed by fire

    The sports car manufacture Koenigsegg's premises in Margaretetorp north of Ängelholm was totally destroyed of a furious fire at the saturday afternoon.

    It was at 14:20 when a employee alarmed about a fire in the premises.

    "It just started to burn. We didn't do anything special. The premises was filled with smoke", the employed told the paper Helsingborg Dagblads webpage.

    Several fire departments whent to the fire. Firemen from Ängelholm, Hjärnarp, Strövelstorp, Bjuv and Helsingborg tried to get the fire under control. But it was impossible to save the buildings with the thatched roof.

    The rescue team did succeed to prevent the fire from spreading to a nearby café.

    Koengigsegg manufactures exclucive sports car costing nearly sek 5 miljon each (5 miljon sek is about $550,000).

    "We were able to get most of the cars out, one employed told the paper".

    No person was harmed in the fire.

    I think the factory was too small anyway. I went there with my motor bike last autumn and it was not very large, probably enough to build just prototypes but now when they're in production they probably would need to move everything to their new facility anyway.

    The café next door was very nice so it's a good thing it was saved :)
    (the factory was closed when I was there, I could just see it from the outside)
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  6. Re: (why do allways try to give me a topic from a

    That sucks. Good thing the company should be running smooth again.
    Give'em my props.
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    I heard about the buring of their buidling, luckly though they got out many cars, i also read that they had to break windows to get into them to save some of the protoptypes and their new models. it sucks that the doors have to be redone, but at least they saved cars. hopefuly it never happens to other supercar companys.
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    Yes i heard, and they have moved to a new factory to keep building.
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    this is a tuned ferrari 360 modena
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    §1. What does that have to do with the fire? (the topic of the thread)

    §2. Except from the RWD/mid engine consept and the use of a V8 (but the Ferrari is NA, this supercharged), what IS the similarity with the 360? Carbon fibre chassi? Weighting 300 kg less? Having 250 hp more? They don't even look the same...

    The Ferrari that comes closest in technology and performance is the Enzo (but that on is probably slightly on the edge on most things except top speed) but comparing it to a 360 is just as good as comparing it to a Ford Escort...
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    It may use same components, but you are incorrect.
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    Thanks proph!
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    yes, one wing of their factory got burned, but not the whole thing

    About that assenine comment that this is a tuned 360, you are an idiot, and should be knee-capped. This is a completely original car, except that the engine is derived from a Ford v8, but the rest of the car is completely original.
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    no prop Supa
    You have my back

    ~My support
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    F*ckin maclaren tried to sabotage there competitor lol
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    LOL! Too bad this already surpassed McLaren!
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    What? Surpassed McLaren? You must be out of your mind.

    The official top speed on this car is 226, whereas the McLaren has a top speed of 240.1 mph. This car might be possible of higher speeds, but it has not been accomplished yet. And until it does, the McLaren will remain the fastet car in the world.
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    Going by stats for both cars on this site, they have pretty much the same top speed and same acceleration.
    And the McLaren is not the fastest car in the world. No no no. It WAS the fastest PRODUCTION car in the world.
    And there will surely be more units of these produced than McLarens.
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    pleases dont spam.
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    You said that exact same thing about the Veyron in the Veyron forum!
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    I am so reporting you!
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    Then what car is the fastest at this time do you think? and I'm not only talking about topspeed, but overall speed.
    I personally think it 'd have to be the enzo. especially because of its brakes, which must make it go around a circuit faster than any contemporary production car!
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    I saw this motor run on Top Gear, they were seeing the top speed, after they got 0 - 60 in 3.1 secs, and estimated the top speed to be higher than the McLaren F1.....and Konigsegg advised that they should tape up the windscreen to prevent it colapsing!!!

    Hmmmmmmmm, fills u with confidence doesnt it!!!!!

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