There goes another 500,000 $

Discussion in '2002 Bentley State Limousine' started by Bimmer DaVe, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. I'm guessing this thing will cost a good half mil. I'd much rather buy a Ferrari F50 if I had that kind of money, hahaha.
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    Umm, i'd say that this car would cost a little more than half a mil, considering a regular Bentley costs about $400,000 and i'm sure they did more to it then make it a little longer

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    Will the prancing horse stop a bullet? Not even the F50 can outrun one. This thing will stop a bullet. Or 30.<!-- Signature -->
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    yeah this thing is wasit of money. Bentleys arent even that nice in my opinion. They all look the same and arent even worth the money. People who actually buy these things buy them because of the status not because of driving. This bentley limo looks like shit also.
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    This car is pretty nice tho...<!-- Signature -->
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    PoweredbyM: Can you say VEHICLE OF STATE? Do you seriously believe this is used as a PERSONAL vehicle? NO, this certainly does NOT look like "every other Bentley."<!-- Signature -->
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    noooooo!!! this thing is way uglier than the Rolls Royce Phantom (is that the name?) that came out just after BMW bought it!!! the thing on the front of the roof makes it look like a cheap taxi! if there is ONE ugly Bentley, its this one, no doubt!

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