There Is An Evo VI That Can Beat This!

Discussion in '2002 Ferrari Enzo' started by ScoobyDooTypeR, Dec 22, 2004.

  1. To put all these supercars in perspective, in the U.k there is an evo V1 Which Runs A 10.25Secs 1/4Miles @144Mph(No Nitrous!), 0-60 In 2.95Secs, 0-100Mph In 5.74 And 0-150Mph In 9.69 Which Embarrasses this enzo and any other supercar, i know its a stripped out racer but with all the money these supercars have spent on them they should be able to beat a 'Modified Evo!
  2. Please change you're name, you're making all us Subaru and Honda fans look stupid.

    making a modified car perform that well is easily attainable with a bit of thought and money.

    Modified cars are very different from production cars as far as performance goes. And on a race track, the Enzo would still absolutely lay waste to that Evo.....unless enough thought was put into it to modify the handling to suit the acceleration.

    Anyway, it is entirely irrelevant, that Evo may be able to out accelerate this, but it is very unlikely it could possibly "beat" this.
  3. 1st, Im not going to change my 'name' beacuse i own a Subaru Impreza Type R Coupe!, If you know so much about Imprezas you would know that they made a 3door Version of the Impreza called the 'Type R Coupe' Nothing to do with Honda Brand!
    I agree with you the fact that the Enzo will beat this Evo round a track, but the point im making is that off a set of lights or on a strech of road, this Evo V1 would embarass this £450,000 Enzo, it nearly beats it by a second 0-100, and is only £100,000, surely a massive company like Ferrari can better a small British tuning firm.
  4. Yes, I know about the Subaru Impreza WRX STi Type-R and Type-RA, the Type-R only came as a Coupe, there was no 3-door. Therefore if you have a 3-door, then you have the RA. You do know the difference, right?

    As for the Type-R/Honda thing, I figured if you were referring to the STi Type-R then you simply would have called it the STi Version III. I.E. - your username might be something more like: STiIIItype-R, instead of using that juvenile nickname "Scooby" for Subaru's. Ergo, since you made no mention of the STi or Version III, I considered it more likely that you would be proclaiming Honda's and Subaru's as your automotive preference.

    Ferrari could easily make the Enzo faster in straightline (ever take a look at their recent F1 accomplishments?), but they don't, for three reasons: It would #$%# up the car, It would be extremely unsafe for a lot of the Bourgeois playboys who purchase it, and somewhere the line needs to be drawn with a production car for acceleration, oh, and acceleration isn't the ONLY purpose of this car.

    With an intelligent engineer, and the right funding, ANY car could be made to embarass (acceleration wise) The Dauer 962LM for $100,000. Surely a massive company company like Porsche could better a private aftermarket tuner, especially with a car that costs $800,000-$1,000,000. See how stupid that sounds? There is far more to cars such as the Enzo, than just acceleration, that wasn't Ferrari's main focus.

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