there must be a better way to spend $2,000,000...

Discussion in '2006 Gemballa Mirage GT' started by canasn, Feb 1, 2006.

  1. 1.5 Veyrons. a veyron, and then the back half of another. Or you could try to get an Enzo FXX and a Pagani Zonda F.
  2. not worth the money. i wouldnt spend that much money on it (if i had the money )
  3. This car is AWESOME, but definetely not worth $2,000,000.00. I'd pay about $500,000.00 for it.
  4. lol screw that...i would buy a saleen s7, ssc aero (#$%#ING CHEAP!!& #$%#ING AWESOME), an enzo, murcielago, and mercedes slr...i think that would cover 2,000,000
  5. Exclusivity is priceless...
  6. So true.

    Nobody who's interested in buying one of these/modding their Carrera GT cares if it's more expensive than a Veyron.

    And probably the customer already has spent those $2000k stacks quite a lot of times on those "better ways"
  7. I totally agree, that is way to much money for a car.

    Understand how many Gallardo's or F430's you can get for 2 million dollars, damn :D.
  8. yeah and if you strap them all together with duct tape they will be better than this car....

    ...anyone who considers buying this car is making 8 figures a year at lest...whats measly 2 million...i'd buy one
  9. Yeah start up a racing team and do the real thing.
  10. Why the hell would anyone want multiple of the same car?
  11. in case one- somehow - gets wrecked.

    besides I'd rather buy a house with $2m
  12. i agree, that kind of money is way to much for a car...

    but if i hade more money than that, i'd probably get one, because i love the CGT's , and this one is probably gonna go like a stink :D

    but i would not buy it if i had like 2.500.000 dollars, i'd need much more to even think about this.
  13. if someone were to buy this for performance and exclusivity, it would be much more worthwhile to purchass a "regular" supercar and get it redone as a one-off. the P4/5 comes to mind, although it is twice the price of the mirage, when one is spending this much on an automobile one likely isn't concernced about price. With a one off, it would have however much performance youre willing to spend to get, the looks you want, and the highest exclusivity possible. plus, im sure it would be possible to get a one-off for cheaper than the P4/5.
  14. A short list of better cars for $2,000,000: 5 Caparo T1s, 17 Ultima GTR 640s, 6 Ferrari Daytona coupes, 2 McLaren F1s, Michael Schumacher's last F1 car!!!, 4 Ferrari 288 GTOs, 25 Radical SR8s, 31 Areil Atoms, 3 Ferrari Enzo, etc. etc. etc.

    The mirage is a great car, but when you look at the alternatives, there is really no contest.
  15. Where is all this talk of $2 million coming from? The cost of the base Carrera GT is $440,000, Gemballa does the conversion ~$312,000. $752,000 total cost.
  16. Where is all this talk of $2 million coming from? The cost of the base Carrera GT is $440,000, Gemballa does the conversion ~$312,000. $752,000 total cost.

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