there power ratings are off

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    i may be wrong...but i doubt it
    weren't hemi cars under rated for insurance purposes
    why doesn't take actual dyno numbers from a legitimate #1 or #2 hemi car
    all of them should have the nearly the same horse power ratings

    has anyone ever dyno-ed their hemi car? what was it rated?
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    yes youre right. the hemis actually put out about 500 hp instead of 425 or whatever the site says. they did the same thing with the hemi that chevy did with the l88.
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    Actually dart, your only partially right. The race hemi did indeed have 500 hp according to Car Craft magazine. However, there weren't too many of these made. The standard HEMI, or Street HEMI, came with 450 hp. It is interesting to note that Chrysler did advertise 450 hp for both models, in an attempt to lower insurance rates.

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