There will be no Z28?

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    If you’re a Camaro fan, you might want to look away. This one is gonna sting a little — or a lot. Put simply, there will be no Z28 Camaro. That’s right: the program has been given the axe.

    Rumors started making the rounds on Tuesday of this week about the uber-Camaro’s demise. After doing some checking around with very well placed sources, we’re afraid those initial rumblings are true.

    The Z/28 was set to feature the fire-breathing LS8 motor. A 6.2L, small block V8 with a roots-style supercharger that was supposed to be good for 500 to 550 horsepower. With the Z28 put out to pasture, the SS model will now be the top dog. In the Camaro Super Sport’s engine cradle, you’ll find the LS3 V8 rated somewhere in the 400 to 450 hp neighborhood.

    Normally this is where we’d speculate on the reason for this move by GM, though, do we even have to say it?

    Current National Average for premium unleaded: $4.507.

    Words by Chris Doane.
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  3. people who buy these cars dont care about the gas mileage
  4. WTF??? The Z28 was going to have more power than the SS... That made no sense. I assumed the LS3 version would have been the Z28, and the LS8/9 whatever would have been the SS.
  5. Sucks, but at least there's the CTS-V.
  6. That would have been legendary, guess we just need to chalk one up for the boys in blue on this one.
  7. Kinda backwards anyway. Make the Z28 with the LS3 and do away with the SS for now.
  8. ya prolly
  9. Why does GM always have to #$%# names around like that? SS was suppsoed to be stronger one.
  10. AHAHAHAHAHA! who's the dumbass doing this?

    Z28 more powerfull than the almighty SS??? HAHA!
  11. SS would be a FWD model.
  13. They killed all the "Z" designations in like '04 or something.
  14. Jota
  16. there...not good?
  17. race car.
  18. Pity it went out the door. Now there really isn't any competitor for the GT500. BTW, I think the whole SS idea is kinda stupid anyways. Leave it just as a simple Z28, Z06, etc.
  19. Was there ever a Z28 faster than a SS model?? like what about 1st gens? Im just curious... I thought Ive sen a faster Z28 model than the older SS models

    I know current SS and Z28s are equal, Id say Z28 stripper models are even faster than a heavy fully loaded SS.. SS just looks better... But Im curious for my 1st question..

  20. Zed oh six?
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  22. Potential replacement Whore-out of Camaro:
    Camaro GT3?
    Camaro SRT28?
    Camaro STi?
    Camaro LP 500?
  23. IROC-SE

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