There will be no Z28?

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by F50Fanatic, Jul 11, 2008.

  1. IROC-SV
  2. sif the badge matters. I kinda like the sound of RS more anyway.
  3. Camaro SHO?
  4. Camaro V-Spec
    Camaro ACR
    Camaro Black Series
  5. The 1st generation Z28 was a hidden option code. It was added to the Camaro line-up so that Chevrolet could compete in the Trans Am Series. Was it faster to a SS? In straight line, no, but on a road course, yes.


    The Z28 option had a lighter engine and came with a competition suspension. Also, the SS was faster in the 1/4 miles because the Z28 was hard to launch, it was a high reving 302 c.i.d. engine that had no guts under 4000 rpm but when it was reving right up the 7500 rpm, that's where the fun began.

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