Theres a race war going on in my school EDIT: SHOT

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by CorksComeback, Dec 3, 2004.

  1. why? it's true all the niggers there cause a shit load of problems for everybody

    no one likes them anyway, they're all shit
  2. blacks are just obnoxiously loud by nature, every#$%#ing one of them!!!

    no doubt about it, anywhere you go sit and listen in a public place, the loudest people will be blacks.
  3. agreed
  4. all these blacks complain about how its so bad here and this and that and were opressed and shit here. ive got a idea, we should send them all back to africa. im sure they wuld rather be starving and aids ridden instead of living in america with rap,clothe, tv lines entirely dedicated to them. whiny #%[email protected] we should send them back to africa just as they were 400 years ago.
  5. you know what that would be a good idea

    those damn niggers think Americans owe them something so there it is
    their freedom back in their homeland
  6. hah! exactly
  7. It's actually Niggers Accross America Causing Problems.
  8. yep its true.. hes dead
  9. This thread makes me glad to be Canadian.
  10. SOn of a #%[email protected] That asshole deserves painful and slow death. Seriously the majority of blacks are just #$%#ing ridiculous. I know this sounds racist but its just from experience, the majority of blacks are the most racist race-group in America and just according to statistics the most criminal.
  11. Seriously though,that part of Long Beach kinda sucks. I can't remember how many time I've come out the train station and had to tell some homeless dude to #$%# off for harassing me. IN the summer though it's pretty chill and laid back.
  12. At my school we would regularly have police being at the end of the day, if there was a rumour of a fight you'd find meat wagons patrolling the high street, there are police parked outside the mall everyday between 4 and 6pm 'cause you KNOW something's gonna go down, and yes, you guessed it, I live in an area full of blacks. I don't live in the US, this isn't anything to do with the society that they're in, it's the very nature of black people. They actually TEACH their kids to be rude and look down on white people. They know they're doing it, they don't have a problem with being hypocrites, they don't have a problem with leaching of the government and living in free housing, they couldn't even comprehend making something of themselves and the worst part is that they blame their problems on everybody else and that they actually get angry when someone says anything. They don't even have a problem with people thinking bad about them, they only have a problem with people have the balls to say something.

    This one time, this black kid walks into the school (he didn't actually go to the school) tried to rob some Columbian kid of his gold chain. He thought 'this guy doesn't even speak english, he must be a pussy'. The Columbian kid, without saying a word, stabs the black guy. They think that just being black makes them superior to everyone. They are the lowest race of human beings on this planet. I don't care if this sounds racist. I have really tried to be politically correct on this matter but these people just won't show me anything to make me see them as equals. They are the most ignorant, narrow minded, disrespectful people I've ever had to tolerate. I've made it one of my lifes ambitions to move out of the area where I live purely to get away from them. I'm gonna make an effort to make sure my kids don't hang around with them and turn into bums too.

    Rant over. Just in case some of you are wondering, I'm Indian.

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