There's no point to anything

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Mr Putin, Dec 7, 2013.

  1. Aren't Scandinavians supposed to be the least depressed people in the world?
  2. No, but they're probably among the most publically considerate when they do it... unlike the douchebags here who jump in front of trains and shit.
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  4. Touché. Idiot it is.

    Well life is not that bad. Putin you should get a kitten. Kittens make everyone happy.
  5. unless they're fishing related kittens are useless
  6. If it makes you feel any better, I used to think Switzerland was a Scandinavian country back in the day, too. I think it's all the skiing and the cruciform flag and all that.
  7. You sound like Stangman. I think you just need a kitty to touch your heart.
  8. I really really really hate cats. this will not work.
  9. Have a seat on the couch, lie back. Let's try to work through your hatred and find out what this all stems from. Tell me about your childhood...
  10. have you tried turning your self off and on?
  11. Umm what

    Where did you think Switzerland was?

  12. Kill yourself (op)
  13. Scandalnavian!

  14. ugh theres no point to me being in this office today
    whine whine whine!
  15. I would but I kind of like living sometimes.
    Just not in this #$%#ing office.
  16. my childhood was pretty much normal. I've always been allergic to them and I have always disliked them.
  17. I'm allergic to cats, and I still like them. I'm gonna need a more concrete reason. Tell me about the first time you remember encountering a cat. Where was the bad man touching you?
  18. hahaha. my first reaction with a cat was my grand parents cat. I was indifferent to it and it loved me for some reason.
  19. I'm detecting some unresolved intimacy issues. Are there any other animals you have trouble developing a bond with? How's your love life?
  20. not really. my love life is alright. thinking I might want a girlfriend at this point but I'm not exactly sure of that yet.
  21. I have a feeling there's something you're not telling me, re: the cat-hating. Stangy has similar issues but I think we can all agree that it stems from a childhood beat-down he suffered at the hands (paws?) of a feisty feline.

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