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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Mr Putin, Dec 7, 2013.

  1. my grand parents cat did constantly annoy me and I'm sure that's got something to do with it but other then that I don't know what it could be.

    did have an excellent fishing vacation with my great grandfather where we used kittens as bait but that's the only other cat related thing in my upbringing
  2. Aha! It's hereditary! Or, is it learned... Did you ever contemplate using kittens as fish-food before your grandfather introduced you to such a barbaric notion?
  3. no I didn't and it wasn't a barbaric notion. we were pike/muskie fishing and we watched the campers dog get eaten by a fish while it was in the water. he then went to a farm nearby and got some unwanted kittens. it was a win win for everybody.
  4. Not you, IAR
  5. Ruth's Chris is pretty bad for the money. The best I've had is at the Calgary Petroleum Club, but I don't exactly get invited there often.
  6. What in the #$%#???

    Does anyone else think this sounds like a killer's childhood flashback in a horror movie?
  7. That's why I've got him on the couch for psychoanalysis. Stop interfering with the investigation!
  8. Did you catch the killer fish?
  9. Lol

    Did you kill the kittens before you used them as bait?

    And how big was the dog killed by fish?
  10. no idea how big that fish was. we just watched the dog start bobbing and then it was gone.

    no you don't kill them before using them as bait. the splashing attracts the fish.

    the largest fish caught on that expedition was a 56" long muskie. but there were multiple fish caught that were over 40".
  11. granted the kitten thing was something weird (I do know of other people who did similar/the same things for bait). it was part of growing up in an outdoorsy family.
  12. i dont get how any normal person could do shit like using live kittens as bait, regardless of whether you like cats or not. do you have no empathy? thats sociopath shit.
  13. I've used many live things as bait. that's the only time I've ever used kittens/cats though.
  14. He could change to one day blossom like I have.
  15. I don't get it.

    He should off himself asap.
  16. I hope tscm is trolling
  17. from the guy who loves horse meat
  18. because eating a horse is the same as killing a kitten
  19. I wonder if he would use puppies as bait
  20. Or unwanted crack babies
  21. nah they're too bit and I do somewhat like dogs
  22. that would screw up the environment for the fish and no one wants that
  23. Bet it would make for tastier fish, though.
  24. sorry do you keep the horse alive when you eat it ?
  25. or are you saying a kitten is more magnificent an animal than a horse ?

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